First thong first time

My mum got me my first thong, the first time I put it on it feels like it was resting against my anus, I feel the need to pull it out. Does it meant to fit like that and do I meant to get used to it?

sorry my age is set wrong I'm 16

Most Helpful Girl

  • you're 30+,have never worn a thong,and your mother buys you your underwear, somehow,i doubt that.

    • that makes more sense :)

      well try wearing it for an entire day+night without touching it at all unless you're going to the bathroom,you should probably get used to it eventually

    • Yeah if you sleep in them you get used to them quicker :)

    • i wonder i how that conversatation came up about your underwear? from what i heard you have to get used to wearing the skimpy fabric on ur pussy and ass