First thong first time

My mum got me my first thong, the first time I put it on it feels like it was resting against my anus, I feel the need to pull it out. Does it meant to fit like that and do I meant to get used to it?

sorry my age is set wrong I'm 16


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  • you're 30+,have never worn a thong,and your mother buys you your underwear, somehow,i doubt that.

    • that makes more sense :)

      well try wearing it for an entire day+night without touching it at all unless you're going to the bathroom,you should probably get used to it eventually

    • Yeah if you sleep in them you get used to them quicker :)

    • i wonder i how that conversatation came up about your underwear? from what i heard you have to get used to wearing the skimpy fabric on ur pussy and ass

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  • I'm sure it just takes some getting used to... lol

  • Hey if it's not too tight, I am sure you will get used to it pretty soon, I hope your mum got you a soft and simple one, the lacy type with frills will surely be uncomfortable ... You wearing it out to show? Trust me... Guys love it! I for 1 has something going for girls in this! I won't be pulling it! Enjoy!

  • Yeah they are made to rest against your anus. The size you get matters and so does the brand because like pants they are all made to different dimentions. Make sure the waist bands are high enough so that when you bend your legs it doesn't pull it up the back making it un comfortable. The back strap should rest but not be tight across your anus. Once you learn where to adjust it when you first put it on you won't even notice it.


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  • They do feel different to normal panties and they do rest on your anus. Wear it around home for a while to get used to the feeling.

  • i used to find them really uncomfy to! you get used to it and it ends up that you can't even really feel it - just be patient :)

  • The very first time I tried a thong it felt weird, but you'll eventually get used to it.

    pretty soon it'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all (:

  • They feel really weird at first but it goes away and you will be hooked. Just wear them non stop for a few days and nights and anything else will begin to feel weird.

  • I know how you feel. My first time in a thong was when I was 9 for dance. my teacher said that we should wear thongs under our costumes so my mom put one on me while helping me get dressed. I remember feeling very awkward not understanding what was happening with my underwear. I kept squirming backstage trying to remove what I thought was a wedgie.

    I didn't wear thongs again until I was 14. my body was more developed and my friends all wore them so I was more ready Now I were them all the time and like the feeling.

    if you find thongs uncomfortable try waiting a while then wearing them again.