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First thong first time

My mum got me my first thong, the first time I put it on it feels like it was resting against my anus, I feel the need to pull it out. Does it meant... Show More

sorry my age is set wrong I'm 16

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  • you're 30+,have never worn a thong,and your mother buys you your underwear, somehow,i doubt that.

    • that makes more sense :) well try wearing it for an entire day+night without touching it at all unless you're going to the bathroom,you should probably get used to it eventually

    • Yeah if you sleep in them you get used to them quicker :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • I'm sure it just takes some getting used to... lol

  • Hey if it's not too tight, I am sure you will get used to it pretty soon, I hope your mum got you a soft and simple one, the lacy type with frills will surely be uncomfortable ... You wearing it out to show? Trust me... Guys love it! I for 1 has something going for girls in this! I won't be pulling it! Enjoy!

What Girls Said 6

  • They do feel different to normal panties and they do rest on your anus. Wear it around home for a while to get used to the feeling.

  • The very first time I tried a thong it felt weird, but you'll eventually get used to it.pretty soon it'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all (:

  • They feel really weird at first but it goes away and you will be hooked. Just wear them non stop for a few days and nights and anything else will begin to feel weird.

  • i used to find them really uncomfy to! you get used to it and it ends up that you can't even really feel it - just be patient :)

  • I know how you feel. My first time in a thong was when I was 9 for dance. my teacher said that we should wear thongs under our costumes so my mom put one on me while helping me get dressed. I remember feeling very awkward not understanding what was happening with my underwear. I kept squirming backstage trying to remove what I thought was a wedgie.I didn't wear thongs again until I was 14. my body was more developed and my friends all wore them so I was more ready Now I were them all the time and like the feeling.if you find thongs uncomfortable try waiting a while then wearing them again.

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