Why are guys finding prepubescent girls attractive these days?

my guy friend who is 18 and a senior in hs came over after school yesterday. my cousin was over hanging out with my brother.

when we were in my room my guy friend said "damn, you cousin is so fine! seriously one of the hottest girls I've ever seen. is she single?"

i just stared at him and said "she's 12".

he thought for a second and said "she's still totally hot. I wouldn't sleep with her now but I'd date her and wait."

my cousin is pretty for sure but her body is still that of a 12 year old's, very skinny, short, and she hasn't even developed any sort of a figure yet. how are guys finding this attractive?


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  • There is a scientific reason for this. Over the past couple centuries the average age that a girl starts puberty has been steadily declining. It used to be that girls didn't have their first period until they were around age 16. Back then the average marrying age was younger than today so it wasn't uncommon for girls to get married shortly after reaching puberty. Men are programmed from countless generations to see the onset of puberty as the point where a girl becomes a woman.

    The problem lies in the fact that the average age of menarche (the age of the first period) has dropped significantly to age 10-11. Couple this with the fact that modern culture considers people to be children not only through their teens but in some ways up to their early twenties, and you have a situation that simply didn't exist hundreds of years ago. Girls hit puberty, but are still considered children for another decade. The whole concept of being a teenager is actually relatively new. It used to be that you were a kid, then you hit puberty around the same time you were becoming emotionally mature, and BOOM, suddenly you're an adult. As I said before, countless generations of conditioning has trained the male brain to equate the onset of puberty with the point where sexual activity is no longer taboo. So it is kind of unrealistic to expect teenage guys to overcome a strong instinct that is buried deep in their brain.

    Of course, this entire explanation is based on the assumption that your cousin is in fact, not prepubescent, and that she actually has had her first period and is beginning to show the first signs of womanhood. It is possible that she is a late bloomer and and the guy is just a creep, but I suspect that my explanation is closer to the truth than that. But even if that is the case, the guy is probably a creep anyway; it's one thing to have feelings that are hardwired into your instinct, it's entirely different to admit that you would act upon them when it is obviously a bad idea.

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  • This is not "guys." It is your guy friend. Do not assume other guys share his interest or that he speaks for other guys. Why was that your default thought process? Why did you automatically think that because he thought something, all guys do? That is disturbing.

    • he's not the only one. in my town it's a status thing for a high school guy to date hot middle schoolers. I think that's creepy.

    • Most people would think it was creepy too. Maybe you just live in a backwater town?

    • I wonder if they all date their sisters too? Marry their cousins?

  • I've always found them attractive... And people have always found them attractive - you can look through artwork from the Renaissance to the Romantic era and deduct that people have had a thing for them, even if just a couple painters. Its normal, though few people would admit to it openly. You should applaud your friend on his talking of it so boldly.

    • I disagree. I think it's the opposite. In a lot of older artwork that I've seen, women are portrayed as having fairly curvaceous figures. They don't have flat, nothing stomachs, you can definitely see pudge, their hips are, you know, hippy haha, and they are anything but flat chested. Society has definitely gone the other way. Women used to be a lot curvier and were supposed to have fat on their bodies, but as we move forward, it's gotten less socially acceptable.

    • Ohhhh yeah, they loved their big woman back then. But if you look into say, ornaments from the Rococo period, there's a clearly overtones of youth and innocence and there are a hell of a lot of paintings of half-naked Angels dripping off clouds and lah-de-dah, lots of very subtle sexual visual innuendos and things, in regards to young boys especially.

  • In a guys eyes, the younger the better, but I agree with you...12 is just borderline creepy

  • It's normal to find youth attractive. people can't help what they like or dislike. Just be glad he does nothing about it.

    • so you would think sexual thoughts about a girl who just got out of elementary school?

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    • If I were dating someone who had never acted on their feelings & I found out they had these attractions, I'd run, not walk, run away. Who would ever want that in their life? Esp. if you planned to have children. Having gilrs or their friends over? Pedos never, let me repeat, NEVER change. If you are an adult, 18 is an adult & you find a 12 yr. old child attractive, you are a Pedophil. That's sickening at any level.

    • Well you are running from someone who can help feeling attracted to what he is. They should not be condemned for it at all. You can't condemn gays or lesbians neither, they were born that way. Pedophiles should only be judged on their actions not what they cannot help.

  • My neighbor is 12 I think she's pretty damn adorable . But I wouldn't go farther than dating her. Itd be weird and pretty wrong to do more than hug her at this age. But the way she looks now id def. Wait till she's older. And the way the laws are now its not worth doing anything with a 12 year old.

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  • Why are guys finding prepubescent girls attractive these days? Guys have always been attracted to prepubescent girls.

    In fact a study shows most men find the face of a 12 year old the most attractive & the body of a twelve year old with mature breasts most attractive.

    Youth is one of the most important things men value in a woman with beauty being the other.

    how are guys finding this attractive? Male nature.

    Most guys don't care about age or her emotional maturity if she's hot they'd f*ck her if they wouldn't get any legal consequences. It's about physical maturity and appearance.

    • * Most guys don't care about age

      ^ actually most guys don't care about age if she's younger and not a child. Most guys do care about age if she's older.

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    • @QA

      Basically the ideal woman is 11-14 year old face proportions and the body of a little girl that is biologically ready to breed so a twelve year old with t*ts.

    • @QA

      here's one biblio reference

      Rhodes, G. Hickford, C., Jeffrey, L. Sex-typicality and attractiveness: ); Johnson, V.S., Franklin, M. "Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?" Ethology and Sociobiology 14 (1993): 183-199.

      Perhaps you can find it online?

      I have more this textbook essentially summarizes and merges tons of studies, surveys, and polls. Like if it's discussing a specific point on dating it'll also reference like 20 studies.

  • that's one of the main things I hate about people-most of them are attracted to youth,it's a sign of health which is a sign that they would make a good partner. they can't help what they like,he's gonna be attracted to her,and most guys will cause of the way they're programmed whether they admit they're attracted or not. I for one find it absolutely disgusting and creepy-cause that's what the rules are-they train us to be against it,and my brain is programmed to be disgusted by it,most girls prefer older men (older than them),and men prefer young girls-it's just the way it is

  • He's a pediphil. Why else would someone that old be attracted to a child? Ped.

    Please keep close supervision of your cousin.

  • These days? There's always been guys that found prepubescent girls attractive.

  • a lot of guys want to f*** children. I had older guys trying to get with me since I was 11/12. men just don't care how old a girl is, they would sleep with children if it was totally legal. the only thing that stops most of them is the law and even then many will still do it if they think they wouldn't be caught. they don't need a girl to look developed to be attractive, they don't care.

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