Guy touching lower back, guestions?

Alright, so I'm a freshman in high school this year. And this guy I just met, he's a junior, I met him in the beginning of the year. he's been saying... Show More

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  • Than don't go out with this guy. If you do want to go out with him, just tell straight up that you don't want to have sex after he asks you out. After you tell him, later on in the relationship if he asks you and just dump him, chances are he will pressure you into it.

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    • Yeah I will probably do that, thank you:)

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    • ok john, she's a freshmen in high school, he's a junior in high school. he is comming on strong to her and why would he want to date a freshmen? because they don't know much about you or your past except for what you tell them. they don't know how many gf's you have had and they don't know what your atintions are. if you were in the same grade as him, chances are you or your friends would know most of that stuff about him.

    • I know, I'm not assuming that. I'm not gonna say it right after, I'm not a dumbass. But if it shall ever come up, it would only be respectful to the both of us to tell him that, right? I appreciate the input