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Is my friend with benefits falling for me?

Been friends w/ benefits with a guy for 4 years now. Things have changed lately. We used to just have sex and go our separate ways. We've gotten... Show More

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  • His feelings have obviously changed. he either loves you or something has happened recently like he was turned down by another girl he liked so is feeling lonely. it doesn't sound like he was drunk at all and he said he didn't remember because he was embarrassed that you didn't say it back. you should ask him tho, if he does and you don't please stop sleeping with him or it will end up in tears.

    hope that helps

    • Thanks, I did tell him I loved him back, I just didn't remind him of that! I've seen him since, a couple nights he's just wanted to cuddle, the subject hasn't come up again, but I guess as long as he hasn't ran away from me yet its not so bad!

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  • well I drink sometimes and truth comes out when drunk haha. I think he loves you but is scared to say it...dont try forcing any truth out...Its what he does that says I love you more than saying it.

  • HOLY MOLY FOUR YEARS? I would think feelings would defiantly get more intense by now....yeah he loves you.

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