Why do guys only want me for sex and not a relationship?

I go to a big university but can't get a decent boyfriend. I would say I'm attractive and have a good personality but all the guys who are interested in me and vice versa only want to hook up and have sex with me. Even my male "friends" try to hook up with me when they are drunk. I haven't slept with any of them because I'm not a slut and don't sleep around. I want a stable relationship, to truly care for someone and they for me but it looks like that will not happen anytime soon. I don't get it, I don't dress slutty so why do boys only want me for sex and not a relationship?


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  • Um...Maybe you shouldn't hang out with those types of people. I'll be honest...I just look over the girls like you in school with contempt. I assume that you have no awareness to your own existence and go back to my studies. If you really want someone who will respect you, who will truly love you and never see you as an object for sex...find a guy who doesn't party, find the guy who on Friday night, stays in the library to see if he can get a jump start of physics homework.

    Find the guy who plays Dungeons and Dragons, is weird and doesn't know how to talk to girls. Those are the guys who I hang out with, my buddies and I've got to tell you...Sweet as candy. Naive as a child when it comes to sex but...they are good people.

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      Just to clarify, I'm dating a psychology major who's never played an RPG. I just hang out with them, so I don't actually know what it's like first hand.