Do relationship stuff?

If a guy doesn't want a relationship, why would he do relationship stuff?

Why would a guy act like he is in a relationship with a girl (i.e cuddle with her, kiss her on the cheek, hold her hand) when he doesn't want to be in one?


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  • It has to do with commitment he may not like the idea of sticking to one person which tends to happen with guys haha, sometimes they like the idea of friends with benifits so if someone asked if he had a girlfriend he could say no because your tecnically "friends". Also he could have been in a bad relationship and isn't sure he want to fully commit again. So if this question relates to you then you should sit down with him and give it to him straight that your not looking for a friends with benifits relationship you want the full thing. If you don't want the relationship tell him the same things but say It's not right to act like were together when were not.

    Hope I helped.

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      Perfect answer.

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      your answer really helped caus I'm having the exact same problem.. thanks!

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      I'm glad I could help! :)