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What does he mean when he says "I'm not relationship material"?

I met this guy at work 4 years ago, we message each other every day, he started this and started sending me "hugs" for example "morning hugs! :D... Show More

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  • i have used this line before...in this case however, I think he really likes you. he likes you enough to let you know up front that it would never work...why would it never work? well it has nothing to do with how much he likes you or anything like that. The guy is not relationship material. what does that mean? it means he has trouble with one of the main focal points of a relationship...be it, communication, loyalty, honesty, emotional availablility...it has nothing to do with you, or another person in his life. he is this certain way for whatever reason, and while I'm assuming he could change whatever his flaw may be, he knows that at least for right now he is struggling in an area. an area big enough to effect a relationship in a neg way, no matter who its with...

    I have issues like this. I don't let myself love someone. that simple...why? idk, but until I learn I won't have a gf...doesn't matter how pretty, hott, succesful...if I can't love someone, it will fail every time.

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  • It sounds like he's conflicted. He's trying to let you know that he's not relationship material for you but at the same time wants to keep the 'fun' going.

    It sounds like he has all the moves and knows how to please a girl. I think you should move on but if you want to try - get him to explain about what he meant (re not relationship material) and consider how a relationship would work between you two (considering distance and frequency of seeing each other etc.).

What Girls Said 1

  • He does like you, but if a guy says straight up that he's not relationship material, he's telling you that he's never going to commit. He gets to take the guilt off his shoulders in this way. If you decide to keep dating him and you're hurt that he doesn't want commitment, it won't be his fault anymore because he's told you outright.

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