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I love my boyfriend but I feel neglected and hurt. What should I do?

He spends a lot of times with friends and games and I feel neglected and hurt. Then when we finally get alone time all he talks about is his friends... Show More

PS. we've been together since junior high so it's been about 5 years. Which is pretty amazing considering we're not 18 yet so I don't know if I want to just leave him. I know that guys are still immature at this age and I really do love him.

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  • Well I think it's a good thing when couples have a life outside each other. Hopefully you still hang out with your girlfriends and pursue your own interests as well.

    At any rate, I think you're going to have to be very specific when you talk to him about how you're feeling. On some level he probably thinks he's giving you adequate attention since you're having sex. I think it's easy for guys to relate the two, so don't be naive and think "he should know what I what without me having to say it". Sometimes you really do have to spell it out! Of course if you guys can't reach a compromise it may be time to reevaluate, say thanks for the memories and move on :)

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  • I had that same situation except for it was a girl. He's your first real love, and you don't wanna let him go, sit down with him tell him things need to change or else you are gone. If he doesn't change, leave, it will be hard, but worth it I just got over my first love, but you can never completely get over that person, so be careful

What Girls Said 2

  • It feels like he is just taking you for granted and "fulfilling" his "duty" by having sex and thinks it's ok, because when you are not having sex it looks like you have brother-sister relationship.

    You should move on, after 5 years people usually marry but since you are too young you can't do that, and you should see other people too, not just him. Maybe you should break up for a while and see how it goes, date somebody else if you like.

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