Was I right to feel used by this guy?

My ex who I had dated for 13 years passed away. One of his best friends needed a ride to the funeral. I offered and took him on the 4.5 hour trip, never asked for gas money and paid for at least three of his meals while there. He had told me that he had no money, however was able to get the... Show More

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  • Sounds like he is looking for a sugar momma. I would say OK you need a reason then? The reason is I am with someone and honestly you can't treat me the way I need to be treated. Oh and by the way, Have fun storming the castle.

    Give him a reason if you feel you need to give one. But, he is trying to be near you because, I think he sees a free ride in more ways then one. If you don't feel the need to reply then dont. Ignore him or just block him.

    Your call... but his welcome has been worn out. And you have every right to feel used because you were. Taking him to the funeral was a noble thing but, after that it has to end.

    Good Luck.