If I let go, will he come back again?

I am going through a hard time with my boyfriend. I'm with him for almost a year now. We are in a far distance relationship. He works in the next state 3 hours from where we live. So he only comes back once in a month or once in 2 months depending on his tight budget.even when he is back here,he... Show More

i feel that we are made for each other.but right now,he is just going through too much.every person has it limits of responsibility and his responsibility just exceeded its limit.i want to help him in every way I m capable of.but he refuses it at first.later when things get even worse then he asks for my help.at that moment the feeling of wanting to help has disappear.that`s when everything turns upside down.i wish he is stronger than this.i wish he accepts my human errors and move on
last night he was the one not wanting to talk to me.i barely slept at all.i slept at 6am and now I am up again after 3 hours.i woke up to the sound of his text.i was shocked.he told said "morning I am going to work now."i was so stunned.barely able to open my eyes cause of sleepiness.i thought about this.should I reply or not? he sounded like he want everything back to normal.so I just replied him in short.not hoping or wanting him to know that I'm desperate.i said ride safely.AND he replied ok.
when he reached his work area,probably having breakfast.he text me.he asked me "you start your holidays already?".i replied "not really".i said that cause I was still finishing my assignments.he replied "ok".that was it.i feel bad for not being soft towards him for now.i know he wants that.i hope I make him realize that if he wants to leave he would have to miss all that.and with that he would come back to me and not give up so easily.

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  • Dear ash cady,

    What you described it seemed almost like maybe you're too deep into the relationship to let go, and completly too forgiving in my opinion. You were joking around with a guy friend and he freaked out..doesn't that seem like maybe he didn't trust you..because if he had, why would he of ever had to worry? Also you shoudn't of had to beg for anything, you deserve so much better then a guy whos going to make you feel like sh*t for having a life. In my opinion it was a good desicion to not loan him the money as most likely he would of made you feel like crap for it later if you did need it back, or you might of gotten really mad and said it at the wrong time, it's just a whole bunch of unessicary stress that didn't need to be added. Now about your guys problem now, he wants to go again and you want to stay. If you really want it to work, then not only you but he as well must put in that actual effort. You can't shoulder all the blame when it doesn't work becuase it's not all your fault. Sometimes you have to let things go even if you don't want to, because it doesn't seem like he's who you need anymore and even you finally admitted that outloud even though it hurt, can you admit what you said there didn't hold even a bit of truth? In the title you asked a specific question, if I let go will he come back, and it made me think of this old quote I'm not entirely sure how it goes but it's something like this. Let what you love most go, if it comes back to you then it's yours to hold forever, but if it doesn't then you have to let go. I really hope everything works out for you though, but if it doesn't you seem like a wonderful girl, maybe it's time to find someone just as wonderful..who will be there when you need it =)

    • thanks for thinking that I m a wonderful girl..i have never felt this feeling with any other guy before.he treats me differently from my exs.i truly love him a lot and I feel that we are meant to be.but I can feel that to him, right now, I'm not his priority.i can feel that he love me or he wouldn't have gotten hurt when I said I wanted to go out more and he does support me with my studies and my difficult family problems.so I know he does care about me

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    • i really hope everything works out.for now I'm going to give him as much space as he needs.i will be here for him whenever he text me or call.but I'm not going to sound so desperate anymore.i shouldn't force something that won't work.so I'm going to be the best I can and if he can't accept me for me eventhough I did compromise a lot by not going out a lot and remaining a no contact between my guy friends through phone then I should rethink whether it will be worth it or not in the end.thanks alot. :)

    • Coudn't of said it better myself =D you deserve it..so don't ever settle for less