Girlfriend wants space

I've been dating my girlfriend for just over 3 years. She lives overseas and we spent the first year together and the last six months in the same... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • As a girl I can completely understand he need for space, some people just need room to breathe, to enjoy doing things alone and for themselves. And I don't want to criticize you but you probably should have given it to her when she first brought it up.

    However, I will say that the fact she didn't break up with you all the times before when she asked for space and you didn't give it to her is probably a sign that she does want to be with you and is giving up her space to continue the relationship.

    So the best thing for you to do now is keep doing what your doing and give her that space. Once she's done what she needed to do she will start to miss you and get back in touch. Just be patient and keep yourself busy in the mean time.

    Good Luck