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Girlfriend wants space

I've been dating my girlfriend for just over 3 years. She lives overseas and we spent the first year together and the last six months in the same... Show More

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  • As a girl I can completely understand he need for space, some people just need room to breathe, to enjoy doing things alone and for themselves. And I don't want to criticize you but you probably should have given it to her when she first brought it up.

    However, I will say that the fact she didn't break up with you all the times before when she asked for space and you didn't give it to her is probably a sign that she does want to be with you and is giving up her space to continue the relationship.

    So the best thing for you to do now is keep doing what your doing and give her that space. Once she's done what she needed to do she will start to miss you and get back in touch. Just be patient and keep yourself busy in the mean time.

    Good Luck

What Girls Said 4

  • Give it a couple of weeks then try to contact her. You are still quite young and obviously got in to a relationship at a young age so it sounds like she needs to really figure out what she wants.

    Im sure that she loves you and trusts you. Take this time to think about your self as well and do some things which you have wanted to do for a while. I am sure things will work out for the best.

  • I think she will honestly respect you for giving her space. when I was in the girls position its trye... you worry so much about making the other person happy that you completely forget what your goal in life was, and everything you wanted to get accomplished,... you neglect your needs and worry too much about the other persons... it might be over if she decides that she doesn't want to be in a relationship right now... but it could not be over if she realizes she misses you and learns how to balance everything out... you should've gave her space the first time she asked cause it was kinda like obligating her to stay with you to make you happy once again... she was thinking about what you needed and not herself.

  • When a girl ask for space/break-up it means she needs time to think about what she really wants, plus what you said.. she wasn't really in love with you. I'm a girl I should know, if I say that to my boyfriend and wanted space, the only reason would be because I'm confused about "us" or there's something more important for her to do.

    Don't be too depressed though.. there's always a second chance.. in the mean time go do your own thing.. while for her, she can think everything through.

    You never know if she wants you back =]

What Guys Said 4

  • what should you do?

    id say its pretty much over

  • It's really over. There can be two reasons:

    1. She is one of those girls who can't be in a relationship because of other priorities in life.

    2. You two were never really compatible and she also wanted a little more space to breathe and now thinks it won't work out with you since you are too possessive/clingy according to her.

  • sounds like you didn't give her space to breathe..and that took a toll over a long period of time..sorry man but this time you gotta let her make the decisions..its totally in her hands right now

  • Hey man,

    Sorry to say, but it sounds like it's over. Girls don't like the messy breakup just as most guys don't.

    If a guy that doesn't have any respect for a girl wants to ditch her, he won't call for a while, then eventually when bugged enough will say "look, we have to talk".

    If a girl that doesn't have any respect for a guy wants to ditch him, she'll say "I need some space", then eventually when bugged enough will say "look, we have to talk".

    Sorry bro,


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