What do older guys really want with young girls?

my whole family have been in sports my whole life...all the coaches know me and my whole family they been knowin me and my whole family now that I'm 18 the older coaches try and talk to me I had sex with one coach that was 40 and I talk to one that 36...the one that's 40 is nice and funny but we have had sex twice and he wanrs to do it again but the one that's 36 doesn't come at me with sex he just talks to me about life and school etc. so what do older guys really wants with younger girls...





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  • Wow.

    Umm what exactly do you think that older guys want from younger girls? Really.

    OK, I'm repeating myself but men are pigs and we always would like to tag some younger trim. It's rather primordial actually, I'm not sure that we could prevent these behaviors as a species. If you are a yound nubile athlete and older coaches are hitting on you then perhaps we should be asking "what are YOU doing with them?" Why aren't you out looking for someone closer to your own age?

    20+ years of marriage and 100% faithful but I also try not to tempt myself around too many of my daughters teenage friends. Not good to have to face down temptation on a daily basis.

    When some pretty young female athlete comes on to an older man then it takes someone pretty strong to walk away. So where are you in this play?

    Instigating? Enjoying how much easier older guys are?

    Good luck.

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      Ummm I never came on to these older coaches they come on to me..lets just say I'm 18 but my body looks like I'm way older...i got everything in the rite places and they love it....one coach that's 36 asked me to be his girlfriend a few days ago but I said no..and I'm not doin anything with these coaches...

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      Seen nailed it straight on. The thought of sleeping with a beautiful young woman isn't going to go away just because a guy gets older. You're going to end up getting used. Seriously, if coaches are hitting on you with regular freqency, you need to question your own actions.