What do older guys really want with young girls?

my whole family have been in sports my whole life...all the coaches know me and my whole family they been knowin me and my whole family now that I'm 18 the older coaches try and talk to me I had sex with one coach that was 40 and I talk to one that 36...the one that's 40 is nice and funny but we have had sex twice and he wanrs to do it again but the one that's 36 doesn't come at me with sex he just talks to me about life and school etc. so what do older guys really wants with younger girls...





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  • Wow.

    Umm what exactly do you think that older guys want from younger girls? Really.

    OK, I'm repeating myself but men are pigs and we always would like to tag some younger trim. It's rather primordial actually, I'm not sure that we could prevent these behaviors as a species. If you are a yound nubile athlete and older coaches are hitting on you then perhaps we should be asking "what are YOU doing with them?" Why aren't you out looking for someone closer to your own age?

    20+ years of marriage and 100% faithful but I also try not to tempt myself around too many of my daughters teenage friends. Not good to have to face down temptation on a daily basis.

    When some pretty young female athlete comes on to an older man then it takes someone pretty strong to walk away. So where are you in this play?

    Instigating? Enjoying how much easier older guys are?

    Good luck.

    • Ummm I never came on to these older coaches they come on to me..lets just say I'm 18 but my body looks like I'm way older...i got everything in the rite places and they love it....one coach that's 36 asked me to be his girlfriend a few days ago but I said no..and I'm not doin anything with these coaches...

    • Seen nailed it straight on. The thought of sleeping with a beautiful young woman isn't going to go away just because a guy gets older. You're going to end up getting used. Seriously, if coaches are hitting on you with regular freqency, you need to question your own actions.

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  • That older coach is simply taking advantage of you... :( I think that coach would be in a heap of trouble if the community found out he slept with you. Even though you are "legal" at 18, it doesn't mean that people like that coach will take advantage of your young mind. Being a coach, he is in a position of authority and power, when he uses that to his advantage, he is getting satisfaction by powering over you, and having sex with a very young girl (compared to him).

    The 36 Y/O guy seems to be a good guy if he is just talking with you about life and school etc. That's what people like that should be doing. They genuinly care. The other coach, the one you had sex with is taking advantage of you and simply enjoys taking advantage of vulnerable young minds... I would stay away from this "coach" If I were you.

    If this was a man you randomly met at the grocery store and you somehow hit it off, then I guess whatever floats your boat. What makes your situation awful is that it is your coach... that is very wrong.

  • Doesn't seem right, I mean come on a 40 year old coach? Isn't he married, weren't there any other 18 year old guys you could have found?

    • Guys my age dnt hit on me only older guys becuz of my body I dnt look my age so I'm kindda forced to talk to older guys...and I just really wanted to try it to see what it would be like...

  • Well I think he`s an asshole taking advantage of a girl that`s so young! I`m 29 and I would not have sex with a 18 year old girl( unless I was drunk and she started it), and I`m europeen ;-)

    Well too answer the question: Sex, he will want nothing but sex from you. Sorry if that hurts, but you have completly different lives I guess.

    From the looks guys always like young girls, they don`t have any wrinkels and might not have enough experiance to critisize them. Get s.o. your age or at least under 30. Not someone twice your age.

    • Well, That wouldn`t make a lot of sense on this internet page now. Would it? If she would at least be 25 ok - nothing wrong there with meeting older guys! But she`s 18, that`s as near to a kid as one might think!

  • They want sex. There is NOTHING ELSE YOU CAN OFFER THEM. Have some self esteem and self respect and stop being a slut.

    • Theres no need to call me names....u can't say I'm a slut you dnt even know me...

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    • Who are you to tell girls what they have to offer? B-reanna is right, you just love to call girls sluts.

    • I speak the truth. You don't like it, oh well. I'm not here to please you

  • hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa.lol. are you serious? that's funny. when I was in high school and 18 years old, the only person that I would actually sleep with is my chemistry teacher, because she's smart and sexy. anything other than that is just desperate. Then again I would rather spend money on a younger girl.

  • Older guys like younger girls because they are "fresh" and are uncorrupted, they can be molded and they grew up in a different generation where different events in school and life molded their lives.

    Younger girls will always have something different from girls of your own generation. And that's understandable because look how much the world has changed in just 10 years.

  • The only thing guys should want with younger girls is to be a good coach or teacher. It's not always easy, but it is a good thing if parents come to activities and get to know the coaches. You should try socializing with guys your own age. Don't be in a rush for sex. You're young, you have plenty of time.

  • Just be glad these coaches waited until you were 18. I know a lot of guys (myself included) that wouldn't have waited to start hitting on you. I would just have become more forward about it once you were legal. Guys want sex. It's just that simple. Guys want to be with the youngest hottest piece of ass out there. This would be you in this case. Some will just go for the goal some will dance around and woo you a bit. then go for it. But the goal is always the same. Sex Sex Sex.

  • Wow, that is why every woman buys products and goes on diets and exercises, and gets hair done, shoes... etc... to try and look younger and hotter so men want to keep wanting them. YOung is sexy. and old men have wanted young women since beginning of time. They will not be lasting though, they just want to come then go.. If you know what I mean. Feel free to forward nude pics of yourself to me for this great advice.. haha.


  • i can tell you right now without reading the rest of your question, about 95% of the time its because they want a tight vagina and good sex

  • It goes all over...I'm sure some want sex, some want relationships and love. You can't stereotype.

    Me, I'm kind of immature for my age...so yeah, I would actually like a LTR with a girl in her 20's or 30's (I'm 42). Women my age bore me.

  • They want sex, and I hope to god you only had sex with him when you turned 18, because even now it's creepy as hell.

    • Lol...

      yea I only had sex with him since I been legal...but are you sure that every older guy wants sex becuz I can't talk to guys my age soi have to talk to older guys but I dnt want them just want me for sex...what do you think is to old for and 18 year old to talk to

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    • I am in college and its still the older guys like teachers and people who work their...sooo what do I do now

    • There are thousands of students your age, try getting to know them.

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  • Older men want younger women because they are young. Your developed but fresh - no sagging tits, no wrinkles, no cellulite. Your body hasn't suffered the trials of time that older women have (childbirth, weight gain, etc), it appealing.

    Also, younger women tend to "idolize" older men. It's easy to mistaken their age for wisdom, and because they have the advantage of experience - it's easier to manipulate younger women who are naive.

    Honestly, men feel their age as well, sometimes dating someone younger makes them feel younger or more virile than they have been before. I guess you can say it's a way to recapture their youth.

    Personally I find it disturbing. Having a teenager in the house, I wouldn't be comfortable for my daughter to date a man old enough to be her father. I think young people should stick with young people - at least until the woman has enough experience under her belt to differentiate between a man who is genuinely interested in her and a man who is just preying on her youth. I've dated a man 20 years older than me, but I was in my mid 20's when I did it.

    Whatever the case is, a coach or teacher hitting on their students is wrong wrong wrong to me. There is a relationship established already and for them to take advantage of that to gain a sexual relationship with you is immoral and wrong. I think you should steer clear of older men until you are a fully developed woman mentally and emotionally.

    Good luck and be smart. Their lives are almost over and yours has just begun. You have plenty of time to decide what type of men you prefer - no need to rush.

    • Thanks for brakein it down like that..i needed an older woman point of view becuz if my mom found out that people that she frew up with was hittin on me she would go crazy...and its not my coach we all coach together..but anyway thank you and I'm gonna take what you said with me the next time one of them call/text me

  • If he is sleeping with you imagine how many other 18 year olds he is sleeping with... He wants sex. To him, that's all you're good for.

  • Sex. You're young, tight, and maybe you look nice. Also younger girls are easier. Women their age already know the game and younger girl will probably take less work.

  • Simple...Sex!

  • Well Ms. 18 year old with a hot body if that's what you're implying? So you're saying guys don't approach you because they are intimidated by your body? I don't think so. I'm sure there are guys same age as you has a built body and looks older than they are.

    Hun, let me tell you this. I'm 21 and for the past 3 years (you do the math) I been attracted to older guys, yes even guys in their 40s. Let me tell you this, they are definitely on a different page as you. you're still a teen and you have many goals and things you want to do still. Them on the other hand are winding down, financially stable, if he has kids, they are his priority, but yes some do look for love and some just wants sex. To them, you're just some fresh meat that they want to eat up. and obviously it makes him feel good to be able to hit up a young girl.

    You on the other hand, what made you want to have sex with your coach?

    I suggest you to think it over, why you wanna have sex with him? did you think he took advantage of you? etc..

    • TO tell the truth guys my age dnt come up to me at all...the only guys that try and talk to mer like 27 and up..so when the coach came on to me I went for it beside I know him and trust him more then I would some random older guy...i had sex with him to see what it would be like to sleep with and older guy since that's all that comes up to me now a days...no I dnt feel like he took advantage of me not at all..it wasnt planned it kindda just happened...twice

  • Amazing how all these late teen girls are experts on what older guys want...anyone else find that ...odd?