Do men hate older women?

Why do men turn cold when they realize they flirt with older and not younger? For example, a man flirts with a woman who is older but looks younger than her age. Eventually he asks flat out " how old are you?" and the woman answers 35...when the guys is really thinking 25 (the guy is lets say 31). Next thing you know there is dead silence. Why is that? Why do men hate older women?Wh


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  • Men love women, period. I've had 2 girlfriends that were older than me and they were the sun, the moon, and the stars to me. It's just a number. If I were biased about their age I would have missed out on something amazing.

    If there is a pause after you tell them your age it might as well be because they're surprised they made such a bad guess about how old you are. I think that it's you who THINK men don't like women older than themselves and interpret anything that might be understood as a sign of it as precisely that. What the believer believes, the prover proves. You think that's the case so you subconsciously look for evidence for it.

    Do you recall a time when you were really into a guy? I'm sure, in hindsight at least, he had things you might not have liked so much yet you ignored because he had so much going for him it overshadowed the little imperfections. Now, I'm not saying being older is an imperfection in any way. I'm trying to make you understand that if a guy really likes you for who you are he won't care you're older. And if they're prejudice forget them. Their loss.


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  • Men in general, well, they are scared by an older woman, but if really like older women and always have, even when I was a teenager.

  • Not all men act that way, there are some shallow jerks who do act that way but then again there are people who are shallow in both sexes.

    In my opinion age is just a number and has no bearing on the person, the only thing that matters is how someone makes you feel about yourself by just being themself.

  • My wife is 3 years older than me, my last girlfriend before her was 4 years older, before that 7 years older, before that 22 years older (but she told me she was only 12 years older!)...

    You get the idea. The only girlfriend I ever had who was younger than me was my first, and frankly she just bored me, and was incerdibly immature. I like a girl who can hold her own in an inteligent conversation, and I never found younger girls could. I was only a teenager when I dated a younger girl though, now I am in 30's I guess a younger wonam in her 30's would be able to grip me in conversation - it is all about life experience really.

  • Hold on there stranger. I always got hot for older women. I remember when I worked in a bingo hall... lots of lovely ladies. I have no idea why men would hate older women because collectively they are so HOT! Mmm makes my mouth water just thinking about it. But I married someone a year younger. She was one of the few who would even bother with me. There was one older woman. She didn't want anything from me but friendship. No kissing, and certainly no sex.

    I just had to accept it. I have no idea where she is now. I would have dated the ultimate hottie if I got the chance: The Queen Mother. Do I miss her. Why a guy wouldn't like older women, I'll never know.

  • Google "cougar".

    • If you read the question the guy was 31 and she is 35. Google "comprehension".

    • The point was that guys do dig older gals.

    • Ok but she is not a cougar to him, it's only a four year diffrence. At 35 I don't think she is a cougar yet. I know I don't consider women like Angelina Jolie and Tyra Banks cougars. Sorry for the slick remark man, sometimes I'm a you know what.

  • It really depends.. I think if you hang out in the sun a lot it makes your skin look more winkled around mid 30's right? Sometimes older women come on too strong, but it depends on where you live.

  • I don't think women age that well after a certain point (no offense), so it could be that. The other thing that tops that is that you are much more likely to have baggage like being divorced and having kids at 35 than 25.


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  • They don't "hate" older women, they just misunderstand them/assume or prefer younger. I'm 28. ;*) So, I can see how you feel.

    • *Some, not all.

  • The silence could come from being a little intimidated by your age and not wanting to say the wrongs things. Obviously he like what he saw because he approached you. May not be a bad thing more of a respect thing and oh I have to come correct with her and can't just say anything.