Do men hate older women?

Why do men turn cold when they realize they flirt with older and not younger? For example, a man flirts with a woman who is older but looks younger than her age. Eventually he asks flat out " how old are you?" and the woman answers 35...when the guys is really thinking 25 (the guy is lets say 31). Next thing you know there is dead silence. Why is that? Why do men hate older women?Wh


Most Helpful Guy

  • Men love women, period. I've had 2 girlfriends that were older than me and they were the sun, the moon, and the stars to me. It's just a number. If I were biased about their age I would have missed out on something amazing.

    If there is a pause after you tell them your age it might as well be because they're surprised they made such a bad guess about how old you are. I think that it's you who THINK men don't like women older than themselves and interpret anything that might be understood as a sign of it as precisely that. What the believer believes, the prover proves. You think that's the case so you subconsciously look for evidence for it.

    Do you recall a time when you were really into a guy? I'm sure, in hindsight at least, he had things you might not have liked so much yet you ignored because he had so much going for him it overshadowed the little imperfections. Now, I'm not saying being older is an imperfection in any way. I'm trying to make you understand that if a guy really likes you for who you are he won't care you're older. And if they're prejudice forget them. Their loss.