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Looking at other women?

When you go out, do you catch your man looking at other women? How does this make you feel? What have you done, if anything, to talk to him about... Show More

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  • Mine doesn't.. He caught me looking at other guys in the beginning, when I was still pretty insecure. I honestly wasn't "checking them out".. I don't even know why I did it. Anyway, he was completely honest with me and told me that it really bothered him. It wasn't as awkward as it sounds and it definitely made our relationship stronger. The most important thing is trust.. If you're unsure about something, you should be straightforward with them. We don't have a problem with it anymore. We're at the point in our relationship where we are so comfortable that we like to joke around about being with other people.. Mostly celebrities. I would never cheat on him and I know that he wouldn't cheat on me. It's all in good fun.

    • Interesting take. I think I personally look at everyone more than my lady, including men. However I would have no problems with her checking guys out and pointing things out to me. I just never considered it this way.

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  • I know my boyfriend looks at other women, but it doesn't bother me at all. I think it's completely normal to look at other people/find other people attractive. The moment you enter a relationship, it's not like your ability to appreciate the attractiveness of other people turns off, and we're both wise enough to know this and secure enough in our relationship not to let it bother us. I check out other people too, it doesn't mean that I don't find my boyfriend attractive.

    I think the main thing, however, is to do it tactfully. I think it's rude to outright stare/gawk at someone because 1) it might make that person uncomfortable, and 2) not everyone is as open-minded as we are, and I wouldn't want people to get the impression that my boyfriend is checking out someone else because he's not really interested in me, or vice versa (which isn't the case at all). That being said, we're discrete about our "checking out", so it's never been an issue.

    • It is totally inapproiate for a man to look at other women while in a relationship!! No matter how beautifull u may THINK u r when he looks at other women that means he is not satisfied with u in one way or another and it the same for women! My husband of 5 years looks at other and it hurts me makws me feel ugly fat and stupid but I also realize that that means he not happy with something about me and wishes I looked like her or he may even want her.

    • You sound delusional. Sorry, but looking at other people DOES NOT mean that a person is unsatisfied in their relationship. You're allowing your self-esteem to be crushed because of a false belief about relationships.

  • Yah my boyfriend looks at other women. He denies it all the time, but its BS.

    im not the jealous type, and it doesn't bother me that he notices other women. I myself notice them, and I admire their beauty.

    What bothers me is when he "stares", or does a double take, or turns his head to get a better view of her. It doesn't bother me that she is prettier, or sexier. I know there are better looking people out there. What I don't like is the fact that he looks, while I'm there with him.

    I see many guys who would check me out or stare at me, while they are hand in hand with their girlfriend, or wife, and I feel bad for the girl. Because its like, hey your boyfriend is staring at me, and she doesn't have a clue.

    So when my boyfriend stares at other girls, that is how I feel. Like the stupid gf.

    Iv tried explaining that to him, but he just denies it still. And Iv realized its really not going to change.

    I guess men will never understand how staring at other women makes us LOOK.

    How would a man feel if his girlfriend stared at every attractive guy they saw?

    • Hell yea I agree that is the same problem I have with mine I'm so sick and tired of it ,he makes me hate going out with him

    • I guess they can't control it.... They notice attractive girls and can't help it...

      I tell my boyfriend all the time and I get really annoyed when he does that. That's what I say: 'It makes me look stupid, and you look creepy"....haha I don't know if it can change....

    • If a man is really in love with a woman, true love, NOTHING would even make him glance at another woman. Men and women R no different, we just have different parts. Why would a man look at another woman and make HER feel good by him looking at her. You need the attention NOT another woman. Please excuses! Sorry I just cut to the white meat. People can give respect and control themselves. I hate it when society given men a break "its natural" well its natural 4 women 2, we are no different.

  • My husband does this all the time. It really hurts my feelings when i'm out to dinner or out doing something with my husband and he checks out every girl that walks by, it makes me feel invisible because he's too busy checking out some other girl to pay attention to me, even though we're supposed to be spending time together. I've mentioned it before, and he is 100% convinced that it is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with it, but i disagree. I understand that it is just human nature to look at other people, i admit to looking at the hott guys that walk by, but i feel like there is a time and place, and it's NOT while you're with your spouse. I think if you're going to check someone out, you should do it when you're out by yourself.

  • I see him steal glances. I have no problem with him looking as long as he isn't gawking, because that's just disrespectful. If he did I'd knock him up side the head with my purse, lol. Seriously though, it really doesn't matter to me because I know I look. It doesn't mean I want someone else... it just means I have a pulse :)

  • My boyfriend cheated on me once with a co worker. We have a 7 week old baby together so I need to get over the cheating thing. But now it bothers me that he looks at girls on double Viking site Everyone tells me how good I look couldn't even tell I had a baby. But still my self- esteem is crushed and ruined. And it doesn't help he's on theses sites. I wish I didn't care but I do it's hard for us to go out to lunch together without leaving upset. I'm wondering if I'm just still torn about the cheating and I wouldn't give a crap if he looked at women if he never had cheated.

  • My boyfriend is very different from any guy I've ever dated. I am not the jealous type at all and even if I point out a girl who I find attractive he won't look. Almost as if he thinks I'm trapping him to start a fight. I believe it is totally healthy to check out attractive people. Insecurity is the only reason why anyone should ever be upset by it.

  • He looks but he doesn't gawk. BIG difference. He's very friendly. He talks to everyone. I don't know if he does this to make me jealous, but it doesn't work. I'm too secure with myself.

  • I have gone from confronting him when he does it to asking him in front of the person he is starring at, with, "Do you know her from somewhere or does she know you?" and he will get embarrassed and stop looking. It irritates me cause I feel disrespected and have time and time again asked him not to do that. It makes me feel like I am stupid that my husband is behaving this way in front of my face. And its funny because when another man stares at me, my husband becomes very jealous. I don't have any interest in looking at another man at all so I can't figure why my husband continuously does this.

  • It is down right disrespectful and disregarding. My boyfriend of 4 years has done this early into our relationship and continues to do so and it is really damaging to a woman's self esteem when she is right there beside a man and he is staring at another woman like you are invisible or not attractive enough. Any man that does not is not showing enough respect to his wife or girlfriend. A man should honor and cherish the woman he is with, looking at another woman is not honoring the one he is in a relationship with. My boyfriend ignores me, never ever looks at me the way he is drooling over these other women, What a #$%^*n pig.! It is really embarrassing to see a man that you love and honor to have eyes for other women. It can make a woman feel insecure and cause bitterness and feelings of inadequacy especially when they never really show interest or affection to the woman they are with. When I am with a man, I never ever look at other men! even when he is not even around I don't. What ever happened to a man being a gentlemen?

  • It makes me feel insecure, ugly, fat, not pretty enough, not good enough as far as some body part of mine. And it truly angers me! Most of all I feel DISRESPECTED, I don't stare at other men... and he doesn't stare at me like he does other women if he stared at me with jaw open (he would if he could, I see it in his eyes) it wouldn't be so bad. Also, say you are the woman who is being looked at but the guy is with his girl, I was thinking wow he doesn't respect his girl at all. And when it's your man who is looking, women usually just hang their head in shame as if to say, yes I am with a disrespectful man who can't control himself...not even for me. Which inturns makes us feel even more insecure. And most women won't admit that either.

  • I am a faithful wife - not bad looking either. I have never done anything that would hurt my husband. We have been together for 12yrs and married 9 yrs. My husband has always had an eye for other women and still does till this day. He checks women out in front of me in public. He tells me that most of it is in my head. Um, no not my imagination it is very obvious. He also searches for sexy thin and big women online as well as ex - gal pals- in private. This leads up to him pleasuring himself. Our sexual relationship is iffy. I am up for whatever makes him happy. He doesn't really have a sexual interest in me. Maybe once a week if I'm lucky it could be once a month and has even gone a few months. In my past I never had to put up with this sort of neglect. I really don't understand. He has admitted to being addicted to this behavior and says it has nothing to do with me. I really hate it. I have expressed my feelings to him about this. At this point I feel that I will have to decide on whether I want to continue dealing with this or not. Meaning this could be something I end up leaving him over. In the mean time he says he is working on changing his habits. It seems like it's not long before he is at it again. It makes me depressed -sick. I feel inadequate and it really messes up my mind. It breaks my heart and still hurts each time I encounter this. I love my husband dearly but, it doesn't seem as if he loves me enough not to put me through this.

  • My man looks at other women when we are out. He says he can't help it. At 1st I thought it was because I was a little overweight, but now aftter 2 children I look better than ever... but he still does it. It hurts so much when I see him doing it, especially when he denies it. It has come to the point where we can not go out together anymore. I would say we argue most days about his oggling, we've been together nearly 6 years. He says he loves me and gives me soooo many compliments... so why does he still choose these other women over me? He knows completely how I feel. He makes me feel so insecur about my appearance. I have no one else to talk to!?

  • it makes me feel very unattractive not sexy like he would rather be with one of them than me and because I have gained a bit of weight and had a baby I feel it more he loos at women much more attractive and they are all skinny he doesn't just glance he looks them up and down right infront of me it hurts so bad and is embarrassing this happens all the time I have a christening to go to but I don't want to because I know what he is like I just cry and don't want to leave the house I am dieting and at the gym loads just had y hair done lost a fair bit of weight and he is still the sae I don't trust him at all I feel so fat and ugly and can't be bothered with anything.

  • It is so hurtful. I am so tired of his behaviour that I do not want to go anywhere with my husband. He did not do this when we first met, but as time went on, he really started to look. Everywhere we go, grocery shopping yesterday was the last time. I do not know what I am going to do, but I have had it. We just got married in December and I am thinking about ending it if he does not stop. The strange thing is that many men look at me everyday and I catch them. Why does he need to continue to gawk at other girls/women? Why does he have to hurt me so much?

  • I have been with guys who looked and spoke to other women but they did not leer at them or turn around and look at them in front of me. For a man to act 'disrespectful' in front of me is a definite 'not with me you don't !

    But in the past there have been a few guys who I was eating dinner with and I noticed they were glancing at another woman at another table who was with a man - and I would just politely say "Do you know her from somewhere" ? This would bring them back to reality that they were dining with me and should be focused on me and I could see that they were embarrassed by it.

    Now, the ex BF - we went to an outdoor bring your own seating and sit anywhere you can jazz festival last year and a woman sat near us and my BF stared at her just about the entire time! I was pissed!! At one point I said to him - "Do you have any of your photography business cards with you" ? He said yes, I said, then why don't you take one out and give it to that woman and maybe she can call you if she would like for you take her picture!

    He attempted to 'get a little upset' with my comment, but I just ignored him. Later on when he still resumed (and I think she knew he was staring at her back/and side ( she would get up and leave for awhile, then come back) and he would resume his staring again. So when I had 'enough' I got up and said I was going to the ladies room and I just went and then left and went down the road by a beach area front and just stayed there for about a half hour or longer. I purposely left my cell phone in my purse because I knew he might try to call me to find out what happened to me. When I got back, I said very little to him.

    It was dark when the concert was over and as we were taking pictures of the couple we had met there that was in front of us, he also got a chance to take a phot shot of her which I saw. So, at the hotel that night.......I would not let him touch me. The next day at his home when he was downloading the photos, he sent ALL of the photos taken to my email address EXCEPT the one that he took of this woman (which I had seen anyway and it was not ver clear - good!)...........so I asked him WHY didn't he send me her picture. He really got mad and said that it wasn't a good picture but if I REALLY wanted to have it he would send it to me! I said no more about it ; he had cheated on me previously and I forgave him and a few months later he cheated on me again with 2 other women..........walla ! I gave him the BIG BOOT! That's my long story (smile)

  • Yes, I get jealous but I tell him in way just a subtle hint, Until I found out that men are species who just have eyes, From their point of view "they are just looking at the opposite sex just for a quick admiration, It's just a visual reflex, it doesn't mean anything " it doesn't mean they wanna meet the girl or go to bed with them, Just tell your guy and make efforts to look beautiful in his eyes "then tell him" I wish you would look at me like you used to look at other girls ;-)

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  • ok so my husband looks at other girls but when I catch him he denies it and gets so p*ssed off1 I dnt even get mad but omg he does! AND now here recentally it got wrsoe and he admitted it

  • Well, it doesn't come up in my relationship anymore. My now fianc� has made a complete turn around and now I am one of his main focuses in life along with his job, my daughter, and our (soon to be) son.

  • My boyfriend looks at other women no matter where we are. Driving around, he'll stare at WHATEVER female is driving. Walking around anywhere isn't really an option for me because his focus is on every female but me. Sitting down to dinner, I nonchalantly sit with my back to the wall so I can see everything before he does. I am not secure by any means, but I don't feel like MY MAN should be staring at ANY OTHER FEMALE but ME. The mother to his child, the one with his ring on. It's sheer disrespect! I don't look at other guys because I couldn't care less what anyone looks like. I am extremely happy being with my man. I just wish he'd show me the same respect. Especially after numerous discussions about how much it bothers and offends me. it's almost like he doesn't care as long as he gets his way.

    • Hi I agree with you.my partenr does it too .its really anooying when you go out with them.

      my email addy is stefanie_gibbs@hotmail.co.uk

  • Yes, very often and it really really bothers me.. I thought I'd seen the worst, when one day we were talking on the sidewalk, he was facing me .. suddenly he stopped mid sentence froze wih his arms on my shoulders and stared/// I couldn't see what he was staring at since I was facing the other direction. He stared muttering some gibberish... I thought he'd seen a ghost or someone he knew or something.. then I turned and saw this slutty chick wit a high pitched voice in shorts and an off shoulder bluse.. I was so furious I just walked off. turns out he didn't know her or anything..

  • My ex-boyfriend would glance at other girls, and I'd just give the girls dirty looks. It made me feel like he was going to dump me for a girl he barely knew. When I talked to him about it, he apoligised and said that he loved me. It happens all the time so I don't worry about it..

    • U need to worry girl! A satisfied man would not find the need to look

  • My boyfriend does look at other women when we are together. At first I thought it was me being insecure but it has gotten to the point where I don't want to go out into public with him anymore. We have been together for over 2 years, and seem to be doing great in our relationship. He shows how much he loves me every single day, but this fascination he has with the women around him is very annoying to me. I know we all look and this is normal, but its like a nervous switch with him. Left, right, grocery store, gas station, the mall, driving up the road, everywhere ! with no thought as to how that makes me feel. I am not a bad looking women, I take good care of myself, and I do a good job taking care of him, physically, sexually, you name it, but he is beginning to make me feel as if I don't do a good enough job at it. How do I feel? annoyed, drop in self esteem, and sometime unsure if I am really the one he wants. I talked with him before things began to get serious about exploring his surroundings and go out to see what is out there (He is divorced from a 20 year marriage, and I am divorced from a marriage of 16 yrs) but he said that I am the one he wants to spend his life with, and has even mentioned marriage a few times. I tried to talk to him, and he denies it but that's a lie.

    • This is my relationship exactly.We have talked marriage, but his constant looking is driving a wedge in our love. He is good to me and loving in all other ways but I can't marry him or even date him much longer while he has this strong desire or need to constantly stare at other woman. It is to the point I will notice a pretty woman first then freeze up because I know exactly what will happen. If she is at the next table, he will stare all night. He denies that he looks at all. I am not a fool

    • Dont marry him girl!! If he looking at other women he not happy with what he has cuz if he was he wouldn't feel the need to look at anyone besides u

    • I'm in a similar situation and he's either denying it or is genuinely unaware that he looks a lot at other girls. i have no doubt about his commitment to me although i find some comments inappropriate and his admitted habitual p*rn habit is something he seems to be trying to place the responsibility for on me because we don't live together. I've been out with several men like this, and have left every one of them. I will probably soon be out of this one as i am now aware of mood swings which go with the territory. And I feel claustrophobic. With a 10,000 word dissertation to write in 3 weeks he is making it very difficult for me to concentrate with a level of neediness that again goes with all this territory. i am looking for a lighthearted man with a positive outlook, not someone closed in on himself to the extent that he needs coaching about basic manners. The symptoms come out in other areas, like not being interested in engaging with their children, being late etc...

  • Yes, I feel like my husband looks at other women when we go out and it is very hurtful. As soon as he does it I normally say something like "umm okay I just seen you check out that girl over there". He always denies it. He's like "what girl? I swear I wasn't looking at anyone, what are you talking about, you are crazy". I think I would feel better about it if he would just admit to it but he swears up and down he's not looking at other women. Sometimes it makes me feel like I really am crazy. We fight about it all the time, I don't even feel like going in public with him because it always ends up with me feeling inadequate. I don't have a big head but I do think that I'm hottt, which makes these fights even more intense. What does a woman have to look like for her man to not look at other girls. I don't think it's fair to women to just say "well he's a man and that's what men do you just have to accept it". Why? Why do we have to accept it? Everything we do for our husbands and boyfriends all we ask is to not check out other women and they can't even keep their eyes in their head!

  • You know... I can honestly say my fiance has never laid eyes on a girl when he's around me. I watch him... OHHH yes I watch him closely just so I can attack him if he does something wrong haha. But... if he were to look I wouldn't get offended because it's natural I would totally tease him about it and pick on him about how hot he thinks she is. It's really not a big issue.

    The issue is when he starts to cheat on you with the sexy little asian bikini waxing woman you saw in the mall a week ago.

    • 'Watch so I can attack" This is not healthy behavior. What does the Asian waxer have to do with your man noticing the people around you. Did something happen here the rest of us don't know????

    • No. I was joking around you didn't read it right.

    • I wouldn't get upset either. So I thought. I teased him about it when it happened the other night (for the first time that I had ever noticed) and he lied about doing it. He glanced over about 20 times in a matter of 10 minutes. So basically every 30 sec to a minute I saw his eyes look over. When I finally looked over to see what he was so caught up with it was a beautiful "younger" woman. I felt I had been slapped in the face! I made a joke and he denied it. THAT is what is not acceptable

  • My ex of 2 years didn't really do it. I could tell a few times he would purposely not look at another girl when we went to the beach, or he would kiss my hand when we were with a group of friends and they kept talking about this "really hot girl" since he was like this I would never get bothered if he made casual glances. If a guy is really into you, you will be his focus.

  • I know what this feels like, but I figured out a kinda bitchy solution to it, now it may not stop it completely, but it will make the looking at other women more subtle, becasue realistsically there are always going to be good looking people around us regardless, but as a women when you love your man you could careless about other guys cause those good looks shouldn't matter if you're in love. ADVICE: my father has always told me, when a man does something you don't like that you've tried to talk to him about and he hasn't changed, DO iT BACK TO HiM. I've been with my boyfriend almost 5 years and we're talking about marriage now, and I can honestly tell you MY DAD WAS RiGHT! He used to stare hard at other girls and even descirbe how good they looked to me like I didn't matter and people have always tole me I was beautiful all my life, even when I got with him I was known for being the school " pretty girl," but that didn't stop him. So I confronted him on it, of course he denied continuously, until eventually I got so fed up with it, I stopped acknowledging it because I became numb to it, but at the same time I was so upset that I stopped giving him all my attention and time and acting all hurt about it and began starring at other guys myself like my father told me to, even though deep down I didn't want to, but I tried it. He began to noticed it and laughed it off at first saying I was just trying to get back at him, I said OK and continued to do it, but I turned up the heat and started acting fixated on one guy like he did to me. I started talking about him more while giving him less and less attention until he finally broke down to me and said he was sorry and it made him feel like sh*t and he understood that what he did was wrong and he shouldn't have been disrespecting me like that cause seeing my back away from him showed him how much he loved me and how stupid it was just to stare at " a hot piece of ass" cause it wasn't worth ruining our relationship. Now currently we don't have that problem AT ALL! yea, we both look at people but we never stare or turn around to look or anything like that. In fact we're so comfortable and confident with each other that we go to strip clubs together and I buy him lap dances and he does the same for me and we just have a good ass time. It's not insecurity it's RESPECT and once you respect yourself as a women your man has no other choice but to, but you need to show him that he needs to cause he won't just listen.

  • My husband looked at other women for 20 years of our marriage. I always told him that it hurt me but he kept right on doing it anyway. So, I finally gave up & said nothing. But one day I decided to ask him what goes through his mind when he is looking at other women. Some of the women are 40 years younger than him. I expected him to say that he just liked to look at beautiful women but that wasn't his answer. He decided to be completely honest with me & here is what he told me verbatim: " When I look at other women, I first imagine what they would look like with their clothes off. Then, I try to make an image of what I think their nipples & woo-hoo look like. After that, I imagine myself touching & licking them in those places. And finally, I imagine myself having intercourse with them. When we get home, I will either masturbate to their image in my mind or I will have sex with you & picture the other women instead of you". When I asked my husband what he thinks of when he looks at other women when he's with me, I was hoping that his answer would somehow give me some sort of piece of mind. Instead, he told me the truth, totally blew me away, & hurt me more than I have ever been hurt in my life. Am I sorry I asked him? Not really. At least I know what kind of man I am married to now. Oh, and he also told me: "How do you think that I have stayed faithful to you all these years? For me, fantasy cheating is the best way to stay faithful". But what my husband doesn't get is, I feel like he has cheated on me, thousands of times, everytime he thought of another woman for sex. I am devastated. I really don't think I can stay with him. I am so heartbroken, I don't know what to do. So, for all the women who are okay with their husband's looking... I'll bet a lot of their husband's thoughts match my husband's way of "looking". And, if you're all okay with that than... so be it...

  • Mine does it all the time. when I asked him about it he first told me he was compairing my beauty to other women, then when it kept going on, he said he wasn't looking at them per se, he was looking at their clothes or shoes or their kids and dismissed it as quickly as he saw it..but I still feel very disrespected and stupid while the women that he stares at-look back at me as if to say, wow-he sees me and not you-the one he's with! And to me it makes those women "feel good" and leaves me feeling dumb...he doesn't get it and now is calling me insecure and saying that its my "problem" and is going with the "rage" wmotin now saying that basically I am accusing him of lusting after other women when his love is for me and me only...and now he is threatening to not go anywhere with me because now he has to be on the lookout for what he's looking at when we're in public...I give!

    • unbelievable...EXACT SAME RESPONSE from my pig of a boyfriend. I am done, he can look all he wants.

  • I am really thinking that I have to stop my relathion with my boyfriend.

    As I read here, I don't feel anymore I want to go out or do the things that we did at the beginning when I come to live with him.

    In this house it was all with oictures of another women, movies (dvd) and it was really a kind of obsation for him I am sure.

    He got ret of them (dvd) because I was really feeling offended all the times I asked him, why do you need to keep this in here? his answer was always, just If you go in hollidays to your country a day or so. I was not understanding it and he understood me.

    Now, after those "first" points, also always that we sent out, or dinner. I asked him, do you still look at something? He said no, of course not! I was not looking anything, you don't see anything.

    I saw in his computer, he saw to me because I asked, that during the days, when he is working is cheeking pages where you can see girls.

    I asked him, why? is that need? and the answer was again. I am man and man do it!

    With this answer I can really feel engry.

    I was always feeling pretty and I always saw another guys looking at me, and they do now but since I am with him, I have lost all the confidence I had with me self, all the beauty I had and just because for me I am not enought, he is looking to make him feel better, happier.?

    We almost broke up because of this and is something that is not going to change, I cannot chanche it from him and is the only think I ask to him.

    Is very hurtful.

    I need to know if the is a way to change it, or we just have to acsept and live with it as they say.


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  • Yeah I don't look at other girls. They're strangers that will stay strangers, it doesn't bring me anything. And everyone has a face and a body, it's not interesting. I don't shop around when I'm satisfied with what I have.

    My ex would have smacked me across the face if she saw me checking out another girl and I fully support that.

  • all men look at other women., including myself. its part of our DNA. sorry to break the news.

  • I was with my x for 23 years he was 5 years old then me. he often looked at other women, but I can honestly say it didn't bother me in the least, I wasn't the jealous type. But how the tables have turned.I'm now married to a 12 younger man, whom I love to bits,but the ugly .Frustrating feelings of jealously has raised it's head.I hate the feeling of jealously,yeah he looks at other woman,he says its a bloke thing.Okay to look, I do have a little peek at men, but I do it steely he actually makes a point of it.I hate him going out with his mates, which isn't very often,cause I know he will be staring at other woman, I often let him go shopping alone, at least I can't see him eyeing up the woman. I guess I'm not insure of my looks I guess it's the age thing, I'm 42 he's 30.I don't look bad for my age, often people don't believe my age, but I do feel insecure. Hate it. At least 2 years before we got together when he was in a relationship, he had visited my house saw me and made a rude comment, not to me, but my daughters boyfriend whom He's friends with, at later I found out. We got together about 2 years later,but I often wonder if he makes comments like that to other woman.

    • 1mo

      Girl using guy's account?

  • only the insecure won't like it

  • Everyone people watches when they are out and about. How else do you prevent yourself from bumping into other people at the mall, concerts, casinos etc. but there is a difference from that and checking people out. Not every guy does this. I make a point not to do so because a) I just don't want to look at other women because my girlfriend is all I want. b) I wouldn't appreciate my girlfriend gawking and thinking "thoughts" about someone else. If that is what she wants to do then she shouldn't be with me. I know I'm not the hottest or funniest or most talented guy she has dated and that is okay but if she feels like there is something missing in our relationship that can be fulfilled by checking out other guys then there is something wrong with the relationship.

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