Looking at other women?

When you go out, do you catch your man looking at other women? How does this make you feel? What have you done, if anything, to talk to him about it?

I am very curious how often this comes up in your relationships and how it affects you and your relationship. I would love to hear from all sides!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Mine doesn't.. He caught me looking at other guys in the beginning, when I was still pretty insecure. I honestly wasn't "checking them out".. I don't even know why I did it. Anyway, he was completely honest with me and told me that it really bothered him. It wasn't as awkward as it sounds and it definitely made our relationship stronger. The most important thing is trust.. If you're unsure about something, you should be straightforward with them. We don't have a problem with it anymore. We're at the point in our relationship where we are so comfortable that we like to joke around about being with other people.. Mostly celebrities. I would never cheat on him and I know that he wouldn't cheat on me. It's all in good fun.

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      Interesting take. I think I personally look at everyone more than my lady, including men. However I would have no problems with her checking guys out and pointing things out to me. I just never considered it this way.