Looking at other women?

When you go out, do you catch your man looking at other women? How does this make you feel? What have you done, if anything, to talk to him about it?

I am very curious how often this comes up in your relationships and how it affects you and your relationship. I would love to hear from all sides!


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  • Mine doesn't.. He caught me looking at other guys in the beginning, when I was still pretty insecure. I honestly wasn't "checking them out".. I don't even know why I did it. Anyway, he was completely honest with me and told me that it really bothered him. It wasn't as awkward as it sounds and it definitely made our relationship stronger. The most important thing is trust.. If you're unsure about something, you should be straightforward with them. We don't have a problem with it anymore. We're at the point in our relationship where we are so comfortable that we like to joke around about being with other people.. Mostly celebrities. I would never cheat on him and I know that he wouldn't cheat on me. It's all in good fun.

    • Interesting take. I think I personally look at everyone more than my lady, including men. However I would have no problems with her checking guys out and pointing things out to me. I just never considered it this way.

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  • Yah my boyfriend looks at other women. He denies it all the time, but its BS.

    im not the jealous type, and it doesn't bother me that he notices other women. I myself notice them, and I admire their beauty.

    What bothers me is when he "stares", or does a double take, or turns his head to get a better view of her. It doesn't bother me that she is prettier, or sexier. I know there are better looking people out there. What I don't like is the fact that he looks, while I'm there with him.

    I see many guys who would check me out or stare at me, while they are hand in hand with their girlfriend, or wife, and I feel bad for the girl. Because its like, hey your boyfriend is staring at me, and she doesn't have a clue.

    So when my boyfriend stares at other girls, that is how I feel. Like the stupid gf.

    Iv tried explaining that to him, but he just denies it still. And Iv realized its really not going to change.

    I guess men will never understand how staring at other women makes us LOOK.

    How would a man feel if his girlfriend stared at every attractive guy they saw?

    • Hell yea I agree that is the same problem I have with mine I'm so sick and tired of it ,he makes me hate going out with him

    • I guess they can't control it.... They notice attractive girls and can't help it...

      I tell my boyfriend all the time and I get really annoyed when he does that. That's what I say: 'It makes me look stupid, and you look creepy"....haha I don't know if it can change....

    • If a man is really in love with a woman, true love, NOTHING would even make him glance at another woman. Men and women R no different, we just have different parts. Why would a man look at another woman and make HER feel good by him looking at her. You need the attention NOT another woman. Please excuses! Sorry I just cut to the white meat. People can give respect and control themselves. I hate it when society given men a break "its natural" well its natural 4 women 2, we are no different.

  • I see him steal glances. I have no problem with him looking as long as he isn't gawking, because that's just disrespectful. If he did I'd knock him up side the head with my purse, lol. Seriously though, it really doesn't matter to me because I know I look. It doesn't mean I want someone else... it just means I have a pulse :)

  • I know my boyfriend looks at other women, but it doesn't bother me at all. I think it's completely normal to look at other people/find other people attractive. The moment you enter a relationship, it's not like your ability to appreciate the attractiveness of other people turns off, and we're both wise enough to know this and secure enough in our relationship not to let it bother us. I check out other people too, it doesn't mean that I don't find my boyfriend attractive.

    I think the main thing, however, is to do it tactfully. I think it's rude to outright stare/gawk at someone because 1) it might make that person uncomfortable, and 2) not everyone is as open-minded as we are, and I wouldn't want people to get the impression that my boyfriend is checking out someone else because he's not really interested in me, or vice versa (which isn't the case at all). That being said, we're discrete about our "checking out", so it's never been an issue.

    • It is totally inapproiate for a man to look at other women while in a relationship!! No matter how beautifull u may THINK u r when he looks at other women that means he is not satisfied with u in one way or another and it the same for women! My husband of 5 years looks at other and it hurts me makws me feel ugly fat and stupid but I also realize that that means he not happy with something about me and wishes I looked like her or he may even want her.

    • You sound delusional. Sorry, but looking at other people DOES NOT mean that a person is unsatisfied in their relationship. You're allowing your self-esteem to be crushed because of a false belief about relationships.

  • My boyfriend is very different from any guy I've ever dated. I am not the jealous type at all and even if I point out a girl who I find attractive he won't look. Almost as if he thinks I'm trapping him to start a fight. I believe it is totally healthy to check out attractive people. Insecurity is the only reason why anyone should ever be upset by it.

  • My husband does this all the time. It really hurts my feelings when i'm out to dinner or out doing something with my husband and he checks out every girl that walks by, it makes me feel invisible because he's too busy checking out some other girl to pay attention to me, even though we're supposed to be spending time together. I've mentioned it before, and he is 100% convinced that it is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with it, but i disagree. I understand that it is just human nature to look at other people, i admit to looking at the hott guys that walk by, but i feel like there is a time and place, and it's NOT while you're with your spouse. I think if you're going to check someone out, you should do it when you're out by yourself.

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  • Yeah I don't look at other girls. They're strangers that will stay strangers, it doesn't bring me anything. And everyone has a face and a body, it's not interesting. I don't shop around when I'm satisfied with what I have.

    My ex would have smacked me across the face if she saw me checking out another girl and I fully support that.

  • only the insecure won't like it

  • all men look at other women., including myself. its part of our DNA. sorry to break the news.

  • I was with my x for 23 years he was 5 years old then me. he often looked at other women, but I can honestly say it didn't bother me in the least, I wasn't the jealous type. But how the tables have turned.I'm now married to a 12 younger man, whom I love to bits,but the ugly .Frustrating feelings of jealously has raised it's head.I hate the feeling of jealously,yeah he looks at other woman,he says its a bloke thing.Okay to look, I do have a little peek at men, but I do it steely he actually makes a point of it.I hate him going out with his mates, which isn't very often,cause I know he will be staring at other woman, I often let him go shopping alone, at least I can't see him eyeing up the woman. I guess I'm not insure of my looks I guess it's the age thing, I'm 42 he's 30.I don't look bad for my age, often people don't believe my age, but I do feel insecure. Hate it. At least 2 years before we got together when he was in a relationship, he had visited my house saw me and made a rude comment, not to me, but my daughters boyfriend whom He's friends with, at later I found out. We got together about 2 years later,but I often wonder if he makes comments like that to other woman.

  • Everyone people watches when they are out and about. How else do you prevent yourself from bumping into other people at the mall, concerts, casinos etc. but there is a difference from that and checking people out. Not every guy does this. I make a point not to do so because a) I just don't want to look at other women because my girlfriend is all I want. b) I wouldn't appreciate my girlfriend gawking and thinking "thoughts" about someone else. If that is what she wants to do then she shouldn't be with me. I know I'm not the hottest or funniest or most talented guy she has dated and that is okay but if she feels like there is something missing in our relationship that can be fulfilled by checking out other guys then there is something wrong with the relationship.