How fast can one fall in love?

What would be a normal time to actually fall in love with someone?

How long did it take you to fall in love?

What abnormal time?


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  • When you fall in love with another person you want to spend your whole lifetime with them. It's the ultimate in a relationship, and unfortunately the word "love" is used extremely loosely. I think there's a difference in "I love you" and I'm in love with you." What happens suddenly is that when first seeing and/or meeting a person of the opposite sex you can get attracted to them almost immediately. After your first time together you can be totally infatuated with that person and actually start going out together. You can like that person very much after than first time out together and the chemistry can really flow between each other. But to fall in love takes more bonding and two people have to really get to know each other before they can trust each other completely and commit their lives to each other which is what happens when they fall in love. So there's no normal time to fall in love because each situation and circumstance is different as well as people are all totally different. It's like asking, what would be the normal time before you'd be willing to die for your partner. By my definitions, I'm not in love yet.

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      I belive that you have more then 1 love in your life. relationships are ment to teach us something, and I belive we will come across a few people we have the most strongest connection to, but it doesn't mean it will last forever though. .