How fast can one fall in love?

What would be a normal time to actually fall in love with someone?

How long did it take you to fall in love?

What abnormal time?


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  • When you fall in love with another person you want to spend your whole lifetime with them. It's the ultimate in a relationship, and unfortunately the word "love" is used extremely loosely. I think there's a difference in "I love you" and I'm in love with you." What happens suddenly is that when first seeing and/or meeting a person of the opposite sex you can get attracted to them almost immediately. After your first time together you can be totally infatuated with that person and actually start going out together. You can like that person very much after than first time out together and the chemistry can really flow between each other. But to fall in love takes more bonding and two people have to really get to know each other before they can trust each other completely and commit their lives to each other which is what happens when they fall in love. So there's no normal time to fall in love because each situation and circumstance is different as well as people are all totally different. It's like asking, what would be the normal time before you'd be willing to die for your partner. By my definitions, I'm not in love yet.

    • I belive that you have more then 1 love in your life. relationships are ment to teach us something, and I belive we will come across a few people we have the most strongest connection to, but it doesn't mean it will last forever though. .

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  • I can fall in love after spending 8 hours with a girl. Depends on how the girl acts towards me. I misread my last girlfriend or at least I think I did. I wish I didn't fall in love with her anyhow, she broke my heart.


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  • I don't think that there is a normal time span in which one can fall in love. It depends on the person and with everyone being different it varies. When I knew that I loved my ex-boyfriend we were together maybe 3 or 4 months. Even though we are not together now I still have love for him and it's been like 5 or 6 years. You know if you truly love someone and you don't need to have a time span to really be sure that it's love.

  • first time I fell in love took me 1 week and been together for 4 yrs

  • you know something I know am young but I can also give advice love doesn't have time you can start loveing a person since the first day you meet them but notice later on..or maybe when you carry a relationship together for a long time you`ll end up falling in love..But what takes time is to show the love you feel which you should do since the very first moment you have that feeling you have to share it well hope you get the answer you wanted good luck.

  • It took me less than a day! But I fell for someone I had known for years, I just never said to anyone that I was attracted to him. I falsely thought years ago that he looked like he was trouble...Instead the guys I DID go for were all losers and one evil man I married were all the bad guys! it turns out my guy friend was the total opposite of what I thought he'd be like. Recently He made a Facebook profile and since I had just seen him a few weeks ago at the Xmas party I wrote him telling him simply that I wish I would have jumped him at the Xmas party, but that I was too chicken..He wrote back and and said "don't be afraid, I'm not!" He told me that he always thought I was cute but I always had a boyfriend and he didn't think I'd go for him. The second he knew I was interested he made sure I wasn't getting away! He knows what kind of person I am and how I treat my boyfriends, one ex is his close friend-who he calls a dumb @ss for being dumb and losing me, and the ex that just cheated on me, he said that guy's lose is his gain! After we talked most of the day & said G'night (online/phone because he is in CA and I am in AR...he is moving back to AR in a month)...I thought my God I LOVE HIM! and I was not being a silly "girl" because the next day he already told me that he loved me too! I told him "I take that word very seriously, so you better mean it if you say it to me." He said "I mean it." Now we are just counting the days until he get's here, talking at night until we are almost asleep on the phone. We are both over 40 years old so it's not we are being goofy kids, we both know exactly what kind of person we need to be with and what we will not tolerate. We only regret not saying anything to each other years ago! But I think the things we had to go through before getting together will only make us appreciate each other all the more! He's already sent three different Valentine's presents in the mail, he doesn't want me to miss Valentine's Day, he is so sweet. In his Valentine's box I sent my favorite T-shirt I like to sleep in so he can smell me, In his card I asked him to send me one of his...We are as if two Pepe Le Pews found each other! xoxoxo

  • Look at it carefully - "Fall in love".

    Do you ever plan a fall ?

    It just happens when its meant to be.

    So, there isn't any set time period.

    Infact you'll never know when you are love-smitten.

    A hint that you are in love is that everything around will look like a fairy tale, magical, you suddenly start to love your life, yourself, you feel a new kind of energy that you never felt before.

    This is love - no doubt !

  • First time it took ten months.

    The second time it took seven months.