I need help with crazy relationships!!! So confused....wanting something you can't have?

ok let me break it down for you...

i am currently in a relationship for about a year and a half now...my boyfriend and I pretty much fight constantly...i try to make him happy and do everything a good girlfriend should do but seems like he doesn't care...i do love him a lot but I know there are better guys out there that would treat me right...i don't know why I stick around...i see other people in relationships laugh and have fun and I want that...ok now the other side of the story...there is this other guy that I have know since I was in the sixth grade, but we lost track of each other and about 3 years ago caught back up and hung out a couple times, I was single he has a girlfriend and nothing happened, then we stopped talking again and now the past couple months has been texting me, and since I had a boyfriend I didn't say anything back because I knew my boyfriend would be upset, well I texted him back recently and we hung out one night and he has a girlfriend now also(not the same one as before) they have only been dating for a couple months, we talked and he is an amazing friend and guy, and now we talk pretty much everyday, well I wasnt expecting to like him now as much as I do, we get along great and it sucks because he has a gf, but he tells me he likes me but doesn't want to leave his girlfriend because he isn't ready to leave her and he is happy with her right now...and I know I have a boyfriend but like I said I know their is better out their, and I'm not the type to tell him to break up with his girl I respect him, but now I like him...so what do you do? he makes me laugh and smile and that's what I want, he said if they would break up he would def. date me but he doesn't like me like that yet to leave his girl...so do I just wait to see what happens? I feel like we kinda always had a thing for each other but just never did anything about it now is it to late? I don't know what to do because I think about him all the time and I know I would be so happy with him, it sucks wanting something you can't have! and he is pretty much the one always texting me, which makes it even harder, So help, what do I do?


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  • Everyone, especially females, always want what they can't have.

    I think you've already made up your mind about what to do with your guy friend.

    If you haven't the answer is clear, but I do think you need to let him know how you feel he's treating you, and if you don't get any results, you should break it off.

    What you'd have to do is build resentment. Explore each thing that you feel is a negative in your relationship, and think of them all together. Remember these things, and approach him with them. Based on his answer, either forgive and forget, or forget and let go.

    If you feel unappreciatied, you'll never be happy.

    I understand why the other guy is hesistant on leaving his girlfriends...

    It kinda feeds from the line:

    "Never leave the one you love, for someone you like, because the one you like will not leave the one they love."

    Sometimes being single is for the best. So you will not have that heavy conscience about who your cheating on. About whos not treating you right. Your not married, let him go!

    Also, remember if he cheats with you, he'll cheat on you...

    Good Luck,

    & I hope this helps!


    A Loving Black Man