Why isn't my boyfriend jealous?

Why isn't my boyfriend jealous?

there can be another guy looking at me, and he'll like turn the other way and not say anything..me on the other hand would say something if a girl was looking at him..

i test him and say things about other guys to see if he is jealous and...nothing

i ask "are you jealous" he say "what for"

i mean he has every right to trust me, and I trust him 110% but I don't trust anyone else...

why do you think he isn't jealous...

and it kind of makes me sad because I don't think he cares, or he doesn't think I'm pretty enough for him to be jealous...



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  • OMG I have this issue all the time! And this is what I have learned... They know they have you and when other guys check you out they feel like pride kinda like "damnn everoyne wants my girl" etc...So its sorta a compliment for him. Also...sometimes they are just chill...they don't realize they have to show you they care in that way, maybe he thinks you'll get pissed if he's like "yea I'm jealous"...guys are not so upfront about feelings. Overjealousy may lead to breaking up which I doubt he'd want to happen

    Sorry if that doesn't help...but I tried! Good luck!


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  • I dumped a girl for the exact behavior that you are displaying to him now so stop it. Maybe he's just a very secure guy about himself and trusts you completely!

    The more you think you deal with it, the more you cause problem. If I realize a girl is playing games trying to make me jealous she looses her value to me. So be careful.

    Like I said, he could just trust you 100% and also he is very secure about himself. Every test you do on him , you are just making him more and more insecure about your relationship. Remember it's the insecure guys that get's jealous easily.

  • A. Sadly, he has lost interest, and an indicator of this would be him looking at a lot of others girls whether inconspicuously or not.

    B. He is jealous but doesn't show it. If he gets annoyed at other things not long after such incidents, this may be the case.

    C. He's gay.

    D. Rarely the case. He's very confident and/or a cool relaxed 'non-douche'.

  • jealous means insecure. its a bad quality that you don't want in a boyfriend. you have a boyfriend who doesn't have that bad quality, its a very very rare thing that you should treasure. don't mess it up because trust me, jealousy is a BAD BAD BAD quality for a boyfriend/girlfriend to have.

  • he's not jealous because he's secure.

    i agree with tazzy: knock it off. stop testing him over petty crap like this, or you could find yourself single.

    it's impossible to win with some women. if he was complaining about other guys hitting on you, you'd probably be whining about what a jealous boyfriend you had. "he knows I'm with him! why does he have to be so jealous? Grrrr!"

    are you jealous that his security makes your insecurity more obvious?

  • maybe he trusts you? that is rare in guys but maybe he trusts you and wants to show you that your tests don't get to him. and he probably knows that you're testing him so he is just playing coy with you. I'm sure he cares deeply about you and just acts more mature about things than most guys...

    please go read my latest question and give me your opinion.

    • I did that to a guy who likes and he was lik I'm not jealous. I think he lyinc cause he nomally ask me all types of questions. This time he didn't.

  • Jealousy is an immature emotional response.

  • i reccomended you stop trying to get your boyfriend jealous

    maybe he's just confident no one can get you but him and doesn't have a temper

  • I have a girl who is doing this to me I did not say to her face but I posted on facebook that it did not work.. not sure if it helped or not but that stuff does not bother me at all..

    i sent her a single rose to her for V-day and a week later after ignoring her she comes in my area now and says to her friend who is in here in a room how this guy gave her flowers and they smelled so good and she loves him.. then goes on to say that well you know I don't really like him like that but I'm still single.. then she goes on to talk about football and how she does not like to play because all the guys just like to touch her ass..

    And of course she does not look like the type of girl that would play football so while I was typing on my phone facing her I kinda let out a chuckle because that was a really really bad attempt of trying to get me jealous.

    She said something odd which had me look down from my phone at her and she was writing something and looked up at me quickly.

    Should I respond or not say anything? yes I'm attracted to her and I know she is but man lol this is crazy.. but from what I heard her last boy friend was the jealous type...

  • Geez, grow up please... girls you always turn everything into a negative. Most girls complain about their boyfriends being too jealous, yours isn't at all, and you've got a problem with that too. Unbelievable..

  • why get him jelous in the first place? ur not being a good girlfriend if ur trying to make him feel this way..sure it makes us feel powerfull and loved bcuz the other person doesn't want to lose us but I mean that's not the right way to get affection from him...

    -and 4 ur question..mayb he is very jelous I'm very like him wen my girlfriend does things like that and I hate it because I no she wants tme to b jelous sometimes but I dnt show it just bcuz of that..its not the right way and I dnt like it that she wants to feel that she has that power over me

    ...or he does trust you very much and he doesn't c any reason 2 b jelous..

    hope that answers ur question =D

  • maiby he dosnt like you anymore before he did but now he doesn't and that's why he is not jealus he can even be happy for you

    • Um..yeah I'm more then sure that isn't the problem..

      trust me I know he loves me.

  • It's pretty obvious that he's gay. Believe me I know. He's on the all boys team with me. Your other questions confirmed my suspicion. Dump him honey and give him my number!

    • Hahah

      no he isn't gay..trust me..

      hey I'm getting jealous..lol jk

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    • Listen sister, you don't have to believe me. Post a question with a survey and link to pretty boy's picture. Ask "Is my boyfriend Gay?" and watch the Gaydar pings tally up. Ping. Ping. Pink. The boy's got a very cute mouth :-)

    • Lol

      oh behave yourself..haha

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  • since he trusts you he knows you won't do anything!

  • he isn't jealous because he trusts you, so instead of worrying about why he isn't jealous be glad he isnt, its a GOOD thing. and don't test him, you don't want to drive him away

  • he is jealous but not show it BUT BEWARE! becuase he'd do the same to you..stop making him jealous,or if you can't stop just be prepared not to get jealous if he does the same to you!

  • they can be really good at hiding it but stop playing the "let me try to get him jealous games" that's not a good thing they know when your trying to make him jealous

  • I have the same problem...and yesterday we had fight about it..he wanted to get engaged, but with all this ''i trust you'' I am starting to feel like I have bee married 20 years...and the time for that is going to come one day..I just don't want it now! if he makes me feel that way now..I think it will be nightmare later! We are so use to each other..and oly the jealousy can fix that and show that even if we are use to each other, the love is still there! that's something you need to prove and that's one good way of doing it!!!

    We need to feel that jealous, because it makes us secure and the feeling is great! It makes us feel wanted! I don't know what you don't understand guys, but if that totally leave my relationship, I am starting to loose interest ad the things changes..it makes me think about ways to make him jealous... and believe me, in the end of the day, that is going to end up like a huge trouble...