Why isn't my boyfriend jealous?

Why isn't my boyfriend jealous?

there can be another guy looking at me, and he'll like turn the other way and not say anything..me on the other hand would say something if a girl was looking at him..

i test him and say things about other guys to see if he is jealous and...nothing

i ask "are you jealous" he say "what for"

i mean he has every right to trust me, and I trust him 110% but I don't trust anyone else...

why do you think he isn't jealous...

and it kind of makes me sad because I don't think he cares, or he doesn't think I'm pretty enough for him to be jealous...



Most Helpful Girl

  • OMG I have this issue all the time! And this is what I have learned... They know they have you and when other guys check you out they feel like pride kinda like "damnn everoyne wants my girl" etc...So its sorta a compliment for him. Also...sometimes they are just chill...they don't realize they have to show you they care in that way, maybe he thinks you'll get pissed if he's like "yea I'm jealous"...guys are not so upfront about feelings. Overjealousy may lead to breaking up which I doubt he'd want to happen

    Sorry if that doesn't help...but I tried! Good luck!