How to use a guy for his money?

I'm not interested in real relationships, I'm sexy hot and young. I don't have money though. Guys are so easily seduced by sex I take it this won't be very hard, but how do I go about it? How do I make sure he actually has money and get him to spend a lot on me and then split?


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  • Rich men love pretty girls. There are plenty of guys with more money than sense who are looking for a hot girl to pay attention to them and date. The thing you need to do is be in the right places so you can meet these guys. you probably won't find a rich guy in the Walmart clearance section, or on Friday nights he probably won't be at the hoodrat/trailer trash club. Money attracts money. Also you should start dressing nicely if you don't already because once you look like money, money comes to you

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      Good advice you're right. Thanks!

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      you're welcome. message me if you want, I have more tips but I don't wanna put it up for everyone to see because you know how people are

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      What you are discussing is prostitution its that simple sex for money its not welcome here