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How to use a guy for his money?

I'm not interested in real relationships, I'm sexy hot and young. I don't have money though. Guys are so easily seduced by sex I take it this won't... Show More

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  • Rich men love pretty girls. There are plenty of guys with more money than sense who are looking for a hot girl to pay attention to them and date. The thing you need to do is be in the right places so you can meet these guys. you probably won't find a rich guy in the Walmart clearance section, or on Friday nights he probably won't be at the hoodrat/trailer trash club. Money attracts money. Also you should start dressing nicely if you don't already because once you look like money, money comes to you

    • Good advice you're right. Thanks!

    • you're welcome. message me if you want, I have more tips but I don't wanna put it up for everyone to see because you know how people are

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  • Be upfront about it, you don't want to con a man out of his money, it can get very ugly.

    I'm sweet , but nobody messes with my wallet, not even my own family.

    So if there is a guy who agree with your life style, make an arrangement and keep it moving.

    • I don't really feel like it's necessary to tell them though. I mean most girls won't give up sex if a guy just came out and said "I'm just using you for one night." Most guys lie and no one seems to care about that. I think I can do the same, I'm more likely to succeed if I just don't tell him what I'm planning.

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    • Yes I can claim, both of these concepts appeared since the rise of women rights. Before that, it was cheating and everyone was doing it.

    • are you serious!? The last thing women's rights did was create golddiggers. Their whole campaign was about independence from men. You're a moron.

  • We use girls but everyone knows that, it's no secret and it doesn't bother us at all.

    Especially when girls like you get used up. No biggie, we're actually doing the real nice guys a favor.

    • well if all guys use girls, then why not be like me? There are no real nice guys. Like you said, guys use girls..."everyone knows that."

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    • most gold diggers are smarter than the average woman, so chances are you're using and hurting girls who wouldn't do that to you. The gold diggers don't get used because they don't make a move until they get something out of it

    • I don't think what we call nice girls is the same as what you call nice girls.

      Bottom line, stupidity and honesty is punished.

  • How the fuck do girls get conned by men for sex? You must be fucking retarded if you got conned for sex. Filthy human. I'm going to destroy this planet.

  • You claim you want to "split" as in you want to move on to the next victim and feel empowered in doing so.

    However. Your a women. The only lure you have for this - is your physical appearance. This means you only have a limited window of chance to do this. 10 years AT THE MOST. Once you hit your late 20's or if you're lucky - you're early 30's your LURE WILL BE GONE.

    So you CAN'T do this unless you want to be unhappy old and bitter.

    If you had said you wanted to meet a successful man for monogamy because you want to settle down and be with one person I could respect that. But you're asking how to use someone.

    You don't need to do any of this. All you need to do is meet a NICE GUY AND SETTLE DOWN.

    That's ALL YOU NEED TO DO.

    Not a loser. Not a guy full of promises. Not a guy covered in tattoos. Not a guy full of drama. Not a drunk, a drug addict or a criminal. Not a guy with a history of cheating. Not a guy with a bad reputation.

    Again - ALL you have to meet is a NICE GUY WHO MAKES MONEY and you will not have to worry about what is it you're trying to do!

    • 1mo

      I totally agree with ur opinion dude!

  • Umm...find a sugar daddy, become a p*rnstar or become a cheap recyclable plastic whore? These options will work.

    • Sugar daddy is better, but I won't be keeping him around long. Why the hostility though? Guys use girls for one night of sex all the time, no one seems to bat an eye at that.

    • Who said I was being hostile? I'm just being blunt.

What Girls Said 5

  • Agree with pr3tty. I went to a party last weekend. Got dressed up, amke up and hair done. My friends took pictures of me. I was shock how good I look. After a guy offer $2k to spend a night with him. Very tempted but can't do it. Oh well. Thank goodness I have a good job. :-)

    • It's really so easy! I need to give that a try.

    • Can you answer mine about what the hell happened...its kinda long sorry.

  • why don't you get a job and some morals?

    • I have a job. And guys don't seem to have morals so I don't see the point in playing fairly anymore.

    • Girls with jobs and morals still end up getting played. funny how it's wrong for a woman to be a player but you guys accept when men do that to you.

    • i don't accept anyone using anyone. it's wrong and anyone who does it obviously has some issues. I was raised to have respect for people

  • Well, you can always take the Anna Nicole Smith route.

    • Haha I'd never marry a man so ugly, this would just be temporary.

  • Girl power!! Girls use guys for money. Guys use girls for sex. I say its the law of life. We can fight the truth or accept the truth. I personally as a woman have learned not to believe in fairy tales anymore. I'm a hustler now, after I used to care about men. Men do it to themselves. Dont expect nice girls to stay nice after being used. Haha.

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