What does sos stand for ?

Just curious because I've always saw it on the movies like when someone is stranded on a deserted island or something but I've never know what it meant...so if anybody knows what it stands for or what it means I will greatly appreciate you letting me know.


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  • S.O.S does not stand for anything, although some believe it to stand for "save our ship" or "save our souls". Rest assured, it does not stand for anything, the code was chosen because it is very simple to type into a telegraph, the morse code for it is 3 short beeps, 3 long beeps, then 3 more short beeps. Very simple to understand in morse code.

    • Thank you! Everyone is saying it has a meaning, and I know it has kind of picked up some in the vernacular, but you pointed out its true origin! S.O.S. means nothing, other than a morse code signal for help!

    • You're right, it's not an acronym for anything.

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  • Save our ship? isn't it. Like a universal sign for help. Like may day, if you're in a plane. I think?

  • It means "Save our Shit"... It's one of the many reasons I voted for Obama. Goodbye Bush. Shave :-)

    • Lol....that was funny!

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  • It's "save our souls." sounds strange to us now, but it sure stuck!

    • I know it does sound kinda strange because if people mostly use S.O.S when their stuck on an island then why would it stand for "save our souls"?...wait never mind I think I'm kinda getting it now but its so confusing lol

    • Because, in the middle ages, when people were highly religious, souls were associated with life. So the modern equivalent would be "save our lives"

    • Oh ok its still kinda confusing but I think I'm getting a better understanding of it

  • It's Save Our Ship...S.O.S. It's from Navy and Marine Morse code for when a ship was going into the water. They would send the message out so that they would get rescued and they wouldn't die in the middle of nowhere.

    This stuff should have come up in history class. Or from your Grandparents.

    • Well I was never good at history and I barely passed it and besides they didn't teach us that....well not that I know of because I left school before I could get passed the 9th grade...yea anyway I didn't learn it from my grandparents either but your answer sounds like it makes sense so I trust your answer

    • Go back to school! Knowledge is the only thing that gives you true power in this world. I wouldn't trade my brain for all the riches and the hottest body in the world.

    • Tech. I am finished with school because I dropped out in the first place to get my GED and I got it.....and when I said I left schook that's what I meant and I also meant that if they did teach us that then I dropped out before I could learn it.....and trust me I know knowlege is the only important thing and don't worry I'm planning on going to college and everything hopefully in august

  • Save Our Souls

  • Its a sign for help

  • SOS is the commonly used description for tan international Morse code distress signal. In popular usage, SOS became associated with phrases such as "Save Our Ship" and "Save Our Souls".

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