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Besides good night or sweet dreams, what do you say to your special other?

What do you tell your special other before you go to sleep or they go to sleep?

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  • Well, me and my boyfriend both still live with our parents, and his are too conservative to let him even sleep over ( >:( ...he's 21 and I'm 19 btw) but when he drops me off at my house, he ALWAYS says to me "Goodnight, my Princess." It's so sweet <3 lol. We've been dating for over a year, and he's said this every night before he leaves. He's such a sweetie :D

    • At 21? Wow. I wouldn't listen to them lol.

    • I know right :/ But they let him live at their place for free, and he doesn't want to go against his Mum's wishes because it's free housing... But still, it really bothers me that he can't just man-up and choose me over her for once... It feels like our relationship isn't even serious because we're treated like children... =(

    • I figured out that a while ago that once you turn 18, even if you stay with your parents for free, you can do what whatever you want & they won't kick you out unless they are crazy lol. But I feel your pain.

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  • I usually just say something random like "night night get in your bed and show it some proper loving tonight, sleep tight" , "dream of me munchkin" , "have a good time dreaming tonight and let's assassinate the haters tonight".

  • baby you are my sweet dream hope I dream of you tonight and can't wait to see you again, you my dream come true love you baby , nitey night beautiful ..lol

  • "I love you"

    "Don't let the bed bugs bite"

  • Sleep tight, night boo, goodnight handsome/goodnight beautiful

  • "night babe, I love you"

    Short and sweet :)

  • Goodnight babe with a kiss :)

  • good night, sleep tight. don't let the bed bugs bite. unless you're into that, in which case you should have me do it instead if the bugs.

  • Don't have one but I would say - "Wet dreams. ;)"

    • wow your georgeous..hope that made your day..merry Christmas

  • Well I don't have a significant other, but if I did I'd say "Night Night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." lol

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