How can I know he loves me if he won't say I'm his girlfriend?

Ive been seeing someone for years, he says he is in love with me and we are in a relationship... But he doesn't call me his girlfriend. He says that is a immature term. He says he wants me to be my own woman, that I am free to do what I want. Is this normal? We do plan to get married in a few years.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It kind of sounds like he wants everyone to think he's available - just in case he meets someone else he may want to date. "He says that is an immature term" HE sounds immature.

    By him saying that you are free to do what you want it sounds like HE wants to be free to do what HE wants. Not sure if he means see other people or what exactly that means.

    Without knowing how he otherwise treats you in your relationship, it's hard to say whether he's committed to you or not. He does sound like for whatever reason he doesn't want to let everyone know that you ARE his girlfriend.