Girlfriend slapped me hard in the face during an argument, what should I do?

I'm normally very forgiving but I feel I should draw the line at physical violence, "If they hit you once, they WILL hit you again, right?"

Do I break up? Slap back? Or should I just let it go?


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  • TheDigitalSaint is right.

    NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will ever put their hands on me in a relationship and get away with it. It is completely unacceptable. She inflicted physical harm on you. Not unless you purposely hit her or did something to hurt her physically should she feel the need to heat you.

    Break up with her she clearly has issues if she feels the only way to get her point across is to smack you across the face. We don't live in the wild we're humans and as such we should behave like one. Not like a wild animal.

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      right but I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be doing

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      I'm sure they'll let you go scott free with just a warning.

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      slapping means I'll be going to jail? AHAHAHAAHA! ! ! stop making a fool of yourself. it's really embarrassing.

      of course I can use "the heat of the moment excuse". everyone with a brain knows something like harmless slapping is forgivable. no, I haven't been brought up around a violent family. I know the difference between abuse/violence and mistakes that occur in the heat of the moment. insulting sb. is far worse yet people tend to forgive people who insult them in the heat of the moment.