Why does my best friend act like she doesn't even care about my feelings?

I broke up with my ex boyfriend a couple months ago. Now when I'm trying to move on and forget him my best friend is talking to my ex boyfriends brother and his friends. She is always talking to them and telling me everything they say sometimes she will even ask me to hang out with them and it makes me feel really bad and like she's shoving it in my face. I'm just afraid that she will text my ex boyfriend and start talking to him. I don't know what to do and if I should say something to her. Please help me!


Most Helpful Girl

  • i agree with one of the answer,tell your friend hey girl I don't really like you talking to my ex because I feel jealous..if she is indeed your bestfriend and feel the same towards you she would know the boundery but if she is back stubbing bff then she's up for no good..a bestfriend someone you could say stuff openly and not worry you're going to hurt them,thast how bestfriends are thru thick and thin and would never leave your side whatever reason there is..im just happy I have that type of friends aound me,if my ex is no good,they think he'd be no good for them..if she's just talking to your exes friends its fine she probably like one of them but if she start talking to your ex the other way around then she's a total no no bff..be honest to her of your feelings..like it happend to me one time,i have this close girl that my ex was attrated to even when we were still dating,this girl was nice enough to ask me if its ok if she would try and go out with my ex since she like him,you have no control on others feeling ya know as long as you know that then you're good..and yeh so I said ya know what I kind of still has feeling for him so can you wait til I'm over him already?and she so nice enough to say ok and she did..once I said ok you go girl and yeh it turned out good for both of us it actually made good thing for me and this ex to be friends again without nomore emotional attachments