What does it mean when a girl says she needs a time out?

My girlfriend and I once had an argument, and she got offended by some things I said. She told me she wanted to take a time-out in our relationship.

We have since worked through it, and never did have that time out. However, I've always wondered exactly what she meant at the time? Was it a sign that she wanted to break-up with me? I've never heard of any guy saying that to a girl - "We need a time-out". Help me ladies? I don't want to hear that again, ever!


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  • Well personally when I tell a guy I need a time out its probably because I'm having personal issues, I'm overwhelmed or I'm just unsure about my feelings for the guy

    maybe in her case she needed a time out because she was a bit upset and wanted a time out before she did anything she might regret like breaking up with you. So basically a time out means she doesn't want to break up, she just needs time to herself to think and recuperate, plus everyone needs some time to themselves :]

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      Thanks for your comments. I feel much better about it now!