What does it feel like to fall in love?

I've never fallen in love and I was curious how it feels...:)


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  • It's not really something that can be described accurately in words. And I'm sure it's different for everyone. When I refer to falling in love, I don't mean those stupid little high school relationships or liking someone a lot. I'm talking about being completely, totally IN LOVE with the person.

    Anyway... For me, it was a very gradual thing. After a few months, I started to realize that I had really strong feelings about this girl and I hadn't felt them before. But I was hesitant to call it love. Just being near her was a wonderful experience. I was always looking around school for her and I got really nervous and excited every time I spoke to her. I'd think about stuff to say to her when she wasn't around. I couldn't stop thinking about her for a second. I cried when I realized nothing would ever come out of it. For a while, we fought a lot and couldn't stand each other. But I still loved her. I've apologized to her and told her how I felt. It's been about a year and a half since I met her, and I love her more and more every day. I can't see myself being with anyone except her and I don't think it's possible for me to ever feel the same way about anyone else. It's sad to think that we'll never date each other, but she has a boyfriend of four months and she's happy and I'm happy for her. Although I do admit that sometimes, I imagine what our wedding day would be like. We're pretty good friends now and I talk to her every day. We have an understanding about how we feel about each other, and we don't act weird around each other, despite the way I feel. I am sexually attracted to her, but there's another layer to it. I mean, I think she is physically BEAUTIFUL. Which is not something I've ever thought about anyone else. Her body is more than just that. It's like she represents some sort of ideal being. I love even her imperfections, and I find myself unable to be angry with her. Anytime I'm talking to her, I feel like I'm in some other world and everything is perfect. I feel like the one thing I want to do in my lifetime is just make her happy. Because making her smile makes me so unbelievably happy. I just want to share my entire life with her in some way. When I see her, I want nothing more than to just give her a hug and never let go. But the biggest change in me has been in the way I see the world. I used to be sad and wonder what the point of living was. After falling in love with her, I appreciate every moment so much. I can just stand outside and look around and feel like the whole world is so beautiful. And I had never noticed it before her. And I just wish I could make her feel that way. I owe her at least that much.

    Sorry if this is completely incoherent. I don't really know how to explain it, so I just ended up rambling forever. But if there's one thing you should know, it's that you have A LOT to look forward to. :)


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  • its hard to explain... but it's like being on 60 drugs at once... and no side effex. It's an emotional high ya dnt evah want to go away. It's addictive. Hell, love is an addiction.

  • its supposedly the best feeling in the world, other than sex, hahahah, umm, you just get butterflies in your stomach and you just feel like you're "in the clouds", on that ever famous, cloud 9 that's the best way I can describe it


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  • like WOAH

  • mmm It's a positive feeling that makes you extremely happy and light hearted. I think when I'm in love with someone, I just want to be there always with them and knowing someone cares about me, about my emotional & physical well being, it makes me feel safe and wanted.

  • Hmm...not an easy thing to describe. It feels like the happiest moment of your life times 10. You always want to be with that person, you can't stop thinking about them, and when you see them you feel giddy.

  • its different for everyone... its just something that you know.. you never really know what it is till its right in front of your face..

  • It could be the most exciting thing in your life or the most painful thing you've ever imagined.

  • What a wonderful question! :D too bad not many people would like to answer it because of the heartbreak behind the love story.

    Love is a feeling you get when you can't live without a person. This love is different between the love of you and your family. If you have an annoying younger sibling (as I do D:<) you love them but you'd rather they leave you alone. The person your in love you want to be by every second of every minute of everyday. And you put your faith in them, you trust them. When your upset you go to them to talk. You don't care if they get a HUGE nasty zit on their face. And they don't care if you get one either. You simply can't live without each other. I am in love right now, though there are some things in the way of this relationship. When I hug him, I don't want him to let go. I want to stay there in his arms forever. Talking about everything, anything and nothing. When your in love you notice silly things, like the why he blushes when he talks to you, or that he stares at you he just stops.

    I gonna use a couple of scenarios of me and me friends. My friend Taylor is currently dating someone over the internet, when they talk on the phone; (she's irritably shy) they don't talk at all, but it doesn't bother him at all. Its simply enough for him to listen to her breath. My friend Breanna was dating a guy, that would do stuff like this: he would come up behind her wrap his arms around her and whisper into her ear "Can I hold your hand?"

    Me with my current interest did something fairly stupid, I tried to fix my hair clip and in turn made my hair a total mess I parted my hair and put the hair clip back in. I asked my current crush how I looked and he said I looked adorable.

    Its mostly the little things that in turn make a bigger picture sorta like a puzzle. I hope this helps.

  • A LOT people say that it's a really good feeling. I'm same with u... I've never fallen in love, but I totally envy those who have. It's just soooooo romantic to see a couple smiling and holding hand =).