Why is my boyfriend not excited about our anniversary?

OK, fair warning, this is probably gonna be a bit long, to whoever reads it, thank you in advance :) Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary. We are happy together, we have a nice stable relationship and we love each other. that much I know for sure. He loves me. No doubt about it. I get that men... Show More

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  • I get very excited about competition, my girlfriend doesn't care so much as she gets excited to do something "fun" and with friends.

    Anniversaries to guys is about as fun as St. patricks, cinco de mayo or some other holiday that is about "just doing something that day." Guys know it's important to girls, so he feels like "okay, I've made plans with her and she is happy with the plans we've made.

    So.. it's a thing to do off the check list, not so much excitement on our end. He'll go tomorrow and have a fun but it's just not as important to men.

    Sort of like a girl getting T1tty fuked by a guy... you know we like but in the end.. it's just a slow rug burn between the boobs.

    He's probably just had a long vacation that he barely wanted to be on and wants to work off some boredom by getting his body back in shape then he'll want to sleep.

    Look forward to tomorrow, it'll be fun.

    • I guess you're right. I know I really shouldn't worry over this but look at it from a womans point of view :/ I"m very emotional XD I"m calm now. And thank you a lot for reading all of my cr*p and answering! Really, thanks :) For the record I have no idea what St. Patrick's day is or cinco de mayo XD don't have these holidays in my country but I think I totaly get the point :) Again, thank you very much :)

    • St. patrick's day is an Irish holiday that for some reason American's also celebrate by getting wasted, cinco de mayo is mexican independence day... again.. Americans just get wasted that day too for no reason...

      Have a good anniversary!

    • d since you're the only one who answered, my gratitude is even bigger and of course it's only natural that you get best answer :)