How do you tell your boyfriend he forgot your birthday?

Girls and or guys, well today is my birthday and my boyfriend of three years has not even wished me happy birthday today. How do I go about bringing it up without seeming like a bitch and do I have the right to feel hurt and upset in this situation?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Say hey do you know what today is?In a casual way and if he says something like Monday say unbelievable.yes you should feel hurt.

    Then ask him when is your birthday.then an hour after say happy birthday to... Then if he still doesn't get it say you dope you are unbelievable today is my birthday and you did not even rembember.*steups*


What Guys Said 3

  • Why?

    Pretend your birthday is tomorrow and tell him that.

  • Yeah, its bad form to forget a girlfriends birthday. I know, I have done it once before and believe me, I will never do it again. :/ He really needs to do some serious damage control for this lapse. I know I had to. LOL, he should have put it down on Google calendar to remind him. I mean, yeah, no one is perfect and we all do forget things, even important things like this, but its something you need to learn to do when your in a relationship. Never forget the important dates!

  • Don't say anything you'll make him feel guilty. He should have remembered I agree, but he forgot it was an accident. If you cause arguments over each others mistakes you'll fall apart because we all make them. Later hell realize his mistake on his own and hell make it up to you. Plus the day isn't over yet you never know


What Girls Said 2

  • Say something casual like "guess what I got for my birthday today?"