How do I destroy a man? how to destroy a narcissist?

he's really hurt me, ruined my self esteem and strung me along for a year. he's just using me. how do I get back at him?

no, I have no intentions of ever sleeping with him again. aka, how do I play a player? how do I destroy a narcissist?


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  • "...and strung me along for a year."

    Let me tell you something, if you allow a person to f*** you over for a year then you should be more worried about changing things about yourself than the other person. You can't let yourself be the kind of person that lets other people sh*t all over you while you keep coming back for more.

    • obviously. I'm working on that. that's besides the point.

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    • oxytocin. it bonds you to the wrong people. lesson learnt, don't f*** someone unless they're golden.

    • "Let go or be dragged." I think this is what he's getting at. By investing your time plotting his turmoil, you're letting him drag you along, even after he is gone. I agree that this is the best time to learn and change yourself. Don't let yourself be dragged, its time to give your heart a break from the madness.

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  • The road of revenge isn't a pretty one. We all let someone get the best of us at times, just a mistake we humans make. Learn from your mistake and that's how you get back at all the douchebag player out there, by never being wih another one again. I'm sorry he hurt you, guys who hurt women are not real men. Just know he has issues of his own and they only way he know how to deal with them is taking it out on women. Learn, move on, and let go.

    • for someone with a wolf as their profile pic you seem way to nice... its like your hiding in the dark preparing to pounce!

    • Haha wolves are calculated killers. No need to pounce unless necessary.

  • The best way is become something great and show him what he missed out on

  • The best way to destroy a narcissist is to ignore them. They crave attention and need to think that they have the ability to affect you as they please. Don't give him the satisfaction of thinking he affected you so much that you need revenge. Just move on.

  • ... seem a little burned? either physically hurt him or possesions he loves... or just do nothing and let another person pick him up I mean sheesh for a guy you apparently dislike this much is it worth your time to try and get back at him?

  • Don't let him know you're hurting. Make it seem like he didn't impact your life at all. I know this one is gonna sound generic, hard to do and maybe even harsh, but be happy. Especially when he's around. The best revenge is always showing someone that they meant nothing to you, even if they meant to world to you.

  • I like revenge. I say sleep with his best friend.

  • Be a grown up, cut him off and walk away. Revenge will always come back to bite you in the ass. Cancel his ass and move on. Don't waste your time with that bullshit.


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  • Continuing to associate with him for ANY reason, and worse, bringing yourself down to his level destroys your dignity forever. So if you want to do that, have fun.

    I'd rather prove that I am a human being and a good person than act like an animal out of spite. It takes two to have any sort of relationship. You let him string you along and, worse, you LET him ruin your self esteem. Don't let him win by making you an ogre too.

  • the only way to crush his ego is to move on. the longer you sit and plot ways to make him miserable, the more empowered he'd probably feel.

    show him you don't care about him, show him he's nothing special and move on.