How do I destroy a man? how to destroy a narcissist?

he's really hurt me, ruined my self esteem and strung me along for a year. he's just using me. how do I get back at him?

no, I have no intentions of ever sleeping with him again. aka, how do I play a player? how do I destroy a narcissist?


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  • "...and strung me along for a year."

    Let me tell you something, if you allow a person to f*** you over for a year then you should be more worried about changing things about yourself than the other person. You can't let yourself be the kind of person that lets other people sh*t all over you while you keep coming back for more.

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      obviously. I'm working on that. that's besides the point.

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      oxytocin. it bonds you to the wrong people. lesson learnt, don't f*** someone unless they're golden.

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      "Let go or be dragged." I think this is what he's getting at. By investing your time plotting his turmoil, you're letting him drag you along, even after he is gone. I agree that this is the best time to learn and change yourself. Don't let yourself be dragged, its time to give your heart a break from the madness.