Why does my man want me sitting on his lap?

My boyfriend is 18 years old and I'm 17 :) we been dating for a little over a month but we got really close. Well imma just get to the point we were at a store and he was sitting down and I was standing next to him talking to my best friend, a girl, and he pulled my arm I landed on his lap then every time I tried to get up(cause I thought I was hurting him. I weigh more then him) him would keep pulling me back down. Then he would wrap his arms around me and just lay his head on my back and we sat like that for about 10 mins. He my first real boyfriend and I don't understand why he does that cause it's not the first time he wanted me to sit on him it's jut the first time I did.

Another question, we both work to gather h got out about 3 hrs before me and he live about 15 min away but he came back like 15 min before I got off and bought 2 cans of coke, when he has a store where he lives? I don't understand why he did that so I asked him if he really came to get soda or to see me but he didn't answer me:/


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  • Because it's a nice and intimate, yet innocent gesture.


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  • He likes you sitting on his lap because it makes him feel like you're his.

    And yeah, I doubt he came all the way out there just for the coke!

    It sounds like he is quite fond of you! :)

  • I cannot speak for him...but I love it when my woman sits on me..is intimate and affectionate as well as sexy...mmm...very nice...(:(:(:


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