What does it mean when boyfriend says leave me alone and doesn't contact you the whole day

Me and my boyfriend had a silly argument its kinda my fault he'd had a busy busy day at work finally got home to rest, we were texting each other and we had a little row, he told me didn't have energy to speak to just text him I called him anyway he was like "I'm so tired I have no energy to speak I can't talk I need to rest I'm going to bed goodnight bye" and hung up on me. I was like omg we never hang up on each other. I text him saying I can't believe you did that, he was like I told you I have no energy to talk. I was like OK but yiu, hung up on me, he was like I need to rest leave me alone, I was like leave you alone? Again something we've never said to each other. He replied saying yeaaaahhhhhh, I said OK. All of yesterday he hasn't contacted me since, I don't know what to do! Please help! We meet once a week I don't wanna miss the opportunity to get to see him this week

Ok so day three of no contact, should I message him? If yes what should I say?
Thought you guys may want an update, so he finally messages me asking how I am, only to say if you can cope without me for this long then you can cope without me. He's upset with me as to why I didn't message him, he said he wanted to rest to only leave him alone for that time not forever. Way to go guys
I wouldn't lie, but yeah he was upset as to why I didn't message him and I was like you said leave me alone for not not forever. I asked to see him and we've sorted it out thankfully. Guys thanks for your advice


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  • What do you mean, what does he mean?

    Did he suddenly start speaking Sanskrit?

    He said Leave me alone. That means leave him alone.

    He said He was too tired to talk. That means, he was too tired to talk.

    Girls, you need to listen to what's actually being said. Then maybe you wouldn't be so confused.

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      Men shouldn't act all rude when they are supposedly in love with you. What men don't get is that all you have to do is say it nicely women usually listen its when you get all stubborn about things is when women start to get pissed off

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      Way to miss the point, love.