When is the right time to start a family?

Nowadays many couples are starting families before marriage or even later in marriage. There are many couple who are starting families even in their very early twenties. So when do you think is the right time, if a couple truly is in love? Before or after a wedding?

  • Early twenties
    6% (10)0% (0)4% (10)Vote
  • Mid twenties
    39% (63)38% (24)38% (87)Vote
  • 30 and up
    32% (52)33% (21)32% (73)Vote
  • Whenever it feels right (explain)
    23% (38)29% (18)26% (56)Vote
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  • I am 27 and I wasn't ready to start a family until about this time last year. I knew before then that I just wasn't ready for that kind of responsibility. Now that I older and married, I'm so ready to have some little ones. I kinda feel like I'm ready for the next step after the whole single and partying stage, if you get what I'm saying.


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  • IMO, the primary reason to get married is to have kids, and I think it's a bad idea to have them if you aren't married, because otherwise there are a lot of benefits and legal issues that will be immensely more difficult. And if you aren't committed enough to get married, then IMO you aren't NEARLY committed enough to bring new life into the world, because that is an even higher level of responsibility.

    • Replace "marriage" with "committed monogamous relationship" and I agree with you. Civil unions should have the same rights as marriage. Technically it's a violation of the first amendment that aren't treated the same.

    • Best answer.

  • I'll have kids when I'm married and financially secure and prepared to raise a child. There's no point to start a family and struggle.

  • Never! Humanity is a plague and ought to perish.

  • I think it should occur when the couple is stable financially and in their everyday life. Too many couples are starting families with no means to even support themselves. but that's my opinion. I think I could start a family at earliest between 25-27

  • Ideally, after you have achieved some semblance of relationship and financial stability. Marriage is irrelevant, half of them end. The age is really secondary, but obviously from a biological standpoint women need to start before 40 in most cases and it's safest for them from 19-35. For me it's late 20's to early 30's. Definitely not ready for that right now.

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  • high school and then drop out.

  • Love and children do not need to be part of the same equation. You can love someone and be with them and only them for the rest of your life. Someone should not have a child until they are BOTH financially secure and emotionally ready. They should not have any qualms about whether they want to be with each other for the remainder of their child's life.

    Marriage is not necessary, but it might help with bills, and finances.

    I would aslo say 20 is far to young to have a child, you don't have the life experience nor the ability to hold yourself stable at 20. 30-35 is probably a good age where all of these things can be aquired. 50 being the max, because you would still want to run and play with your children.

  • I voted D and I feel that when a couple feels its right is best. I also think that everyone is different... a majority could be like their age group but that isn't necessarily true for everyone. So that's why I don't think a specific age group is really right. However I think mid twenties to thirties the people would probably be more "stable" so to speak.

    I think its when two responsible people, who have considered everything that comes with a child, and are financially stable should be able to start one if they want to.

  • D. When you can provide for the child and are prepared to sacrifice everything for the child and realize life as you know it is going to change. Age has very little to do with maturity and actually the best time for a woman(health wise) to have a child is 16 due to the fact the health and stability of her eggs deteriorates with age. Married-not married I don't care.

    I'm 30, financially secure, in a long term relationship but I don't want kids because I like my life the way it is.

  • everyone is different, some woman find they want babies as soon as they find the man of their dreams and others wait until it kind of just happens, and I do believe that there are people in this world that just aren't going to reproduce and that's cool too lol to each is own

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