Why does he praise his ex girlfriend in front of me, when he says he loves me?

Me and My guy friend really like each other a lot , we are so good together , but yet he has a past , he sometimes brings up his ex girlfriend and begins to praise her and talk of all stuff she would say and do . I go mad when I think of all this. He says he loves me but I don't get it why does he talk about his ex and praise her voice and everything else...


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  • I had ex's like that... they won't exactly praise her, but bring up old memories with her, and it seemed like they made him happy... I can't control how he feels though, they broke up for a reason... when he brings her up I try not to be jealous... one time my ex asked if I wanted to see a pic of his ex... I said "no not really" but he showed me anyways, I'm not sure why he did that... this seems like a guy thing, I never bring up my ex's, that's the past and bringing it up will only make him feel uncomfortable... I don't know why guys do this... but part of me thinks it's innocent... maybe he misses her but doesn't necessary want to get back with her. I think its not very nice to bring it up with you though, maybe he is unaware that it bothers you? He is not considering your feelings.

    • what does it mean, " misses her but doesn't want to get back. cause if you miss someone means you want them back right "

    • true!

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  • That's annoying.There's a reason that talking about exes when in a relationship is taboo. It's not a smart thing to do.

  • maybe he's still attached to her or he's just slow and doesn't understand that you never ever talk about exes.

    • i never ever had exes...

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  • You should ask him to please not mention her when you're around because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

    • PS this girl had dumped him literally four years before he met me...

    • I once dated a guy like that--he brought up his ex all the time & the look on his face when he talked about her was like he was still so in love with her, even though he said he loved me. He talked to her all the time & she was his "best friend." Ask him with caution though, because when I asked him not to bring her up in front of me, he flipped the f*** out and literally went psycho on me. Lesson learned: don't date guys that are too immature to get over their ex's before dating someone else.

  • I agree with what must people are saying on here. I learned my lesson to never ever EVER get with someone who is still contacting, talking about, or missing their ex. That's a lose situation because if someone still feels for their ex, there's really not much you can do about it. Feelings cannot be controlled, but we can control our actions and stay out of the situation as much as possible. Even if he doesn't miss her or secretly want her back, anyone in a healthy relationship knows that reminiscing on an ex and showing pictures of them is just not an appropriate thing to do.

    • no no he isn't in contact with her at all , rather she calls him up on his birthday , he acts cold and disinterested. And right after their break up , she got married to some other guy.

  • "really like each other a lot"That's not love.He still loves her. Him talking about her means he still has feelings for her.

    • And how am I supposed to have empathy for a situation where you withhold the most important details? Stop playing the victim. You're not the victim here.

    • I don't appreciate people like YOU , giving me advice. Its good to be straight forward and being Blunt , but sometime do try to empathy the situation rather than just claiming what you say is right.

    • So... you ask for help, but don't state the entire situation... so... yeah, that makes sense. Clearly, my fault. I apologize.And I'm terribly sorry I show interest in your well being. Clearly you don't appreciate people who give a damn about you. Once again, I overstepped my bounds and I apologize.

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  • He hasn't gotten over her yet. He shouldn't bring her up often to praise her. He is comparing her to you and using that to try and get over her. I HATE to say this, But I would ask him to take a break to really clear his head. Because when someone has feelings for someone else and is still in a relationship, there is a big possiblity that it could end badly. I wish you all the best my dear!

    • he just asked me to maintain my body , I think that's very healthy and motivating. Cause I did feel very motivated about it. :)

    • Everyone would think that. I work out regularly, and eat a moderately clean vegetarian diet. I have about 15 pounds to go before I reach model weight. Some people call me fat, and others say I'm too skinny. If someone I was dating called me fat. I would leave them. To me, it's not worth my time for someone who wants to beat me down. I wish you all the best my dear. :3xoxo

    • Maybe what your saying is true , As for me , I took it positively. Cause I do know if I cut down the fat in my body , I would look totally hot :)..

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  • Maybe you remind him of his ex.

    • we are NOT dating each other ...

    • Give him a reality check, tell him that if he doesn't start bringing up his ex, you're out. A healthy relationship isn't bringing up and ex every 5 mins, its annoying and degrading. Tell him to move on or suck it out. If he wants to be YOUR boyfriend then act like it.

    • Wow he said that? I think that's awful to say to a woman, especially one who you're dating. My advice is...don't change for a guy change for yourself, if you want to lose weight then encourage healthy eating habits in yourself and just cut out snacks and junk food. Have a talk with him, and let him know that when he brings up his ex it makes you feel bad. OR two could play that game, start praising your ex and see how he likes it. Tell him how all the celeb men have killer abs & he shld work out.

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  • You should ask him if he would like to get together with his ex girlfriend again.

    • his ex girlfriend got married right after they broke up , that too with the guy whom their was a love triangle :) weird lol isn't it ?