Why does he praise his ex girlfriend in front of me, when he says he loves me?

Me and My guy friend really like each other a lot , we are so good together , but yet he has a past , he sometimes brings up his ex girlfriend and begins to praise her and talk of all stuff she would say and do . I go mad when I think of all this. He says he loves me but I don't get it why does he talk about his ex and praise her voice and everything else...


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  • I had ex's like that... they won't exactly praise her, but bring up old memories with her, and it seemed like they made him happy... I can't control how he feels though, they broke up for a reason... when he brings her up I try not to be jealous... one time my ex asked if I wanted to see a pic of his ex... I said "no not really" but he showed me anyways, I'm not sure why he did that... this seems like a guy thing, I never bring up my ex's, that's the past and bringing it up will only make him feel uncomfortable... I don't know why guys do this... but part of me thinks it's innocent... maybe he misses her but doesn't necessary want to get back with her. I think its not very nice to bring it up with you though, maybe he is unaware that it bothers you? He is not considering your feelings.

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      what does it mean, " misses her but doesn't want to get back. cause if you miss someone means you want them back right "