What's a good lotion to use for the face?

Hey everyone, I was curious what's a good lotion to use for the face. I've noticed that my face is kinda dry after a shower and I would like to fix that.

I used to have severe acne when I was like 13-18. I'm 21 now and I get like the occasional pimple. Nothing bad at all. I was wondering what's a good mild lotion to use than won't jack up my complexion!

Open Suggestion from both Guys and Girls :)


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  • how sensitive is your skin? For me, even the OTC hypoallergenic stuff can break me out. I actually had to go organic and it helps--if you want, I can send you some inks to some organic ( all natural not one chemical in it) stuff that is about the price of what you can find in a store...

    • Post the links up for everyone to see! :D

    • 'k...

      Kaia house is like a organic product superstore ranging from the moderately priced to the "Oh my god are they crazy" also be sure to read the ingredients list on the page before purchase, some companies claim to have organic products when they only have one or two organic items in it.


      great store 100 percent natural and hand made


      Also great


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  • Keep it natural! Pure aloe vera gel, or a basic pot of something like silcox's base. If you ask for either one at your pharmacy/drug store they are readily available.

    • I like the Aloe vera gel suggestion. I think I'll give that one a try, I would rather just have something natural that I know what's in it VS all the chemicals and other things they put inside other lotions o.o

    • I like this idea too.

  • clinique daily mositurizer is the best I have found

  • it sounds really girly, but olay complete all-day moisture lotion spf 15 for sensitive skin is great...it's light and not greasy, and keeps your skin hydrated all day.

    • I use this. It's kind of expensive, but it was recommended so I decided to give it a try. My skin isn't really dry, so I guess I use it mainly more for the SPF protection than anything else.

      It's oil free, so you don't have to worry about clogged pores or pimples for using it.

      Also, if you don't already know, use moisturizer as opposed to body lotion. Moisturizer is made specifically for your face.

    • I'm going to have to agree with bright on this one and I'm a guy. A girl got this for me and I have been using it ever since.

  • i use ponds.. its prob the cheapest listed here.. and you just put it on ur face after washing it.. used it my whole life.. never had acne problems etc.

  • If you use lotion on your face, it will most likely clog up your pores. You should use face moisturizer. At drugstores or stores like target and walmart they sell different types of facial moisturizer all made by different companies. I would recommend aveeno or 'clean and clear's' moisturizers. They are located right next to the face scrubs. Cetephil s also a great moisturizer.

    Hope this helped :)

    • Awesome.

      Yeah it makes sense in a way, why put body lotion to the face? The face needs a different kind of moisturizer. Why is it that face skin is so prone to breakouts, blemishes and other skin conditions?

    • I know right? I think more oil collects on your face then on the rest of your body for some unknown reason. But moisturizer will definitely help

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  • I use Vasline lotion occasionally and haven't had any trouble with it. I also use benzol peroxide lotion (Pro-Active stuff, though I prefer the generic), so that might be preventing the lotion from causing harm.

    I wouldn't use any Oil of Olay products. They're suspect in my book.

  • I would actually recommend using nothing if possible. When you wash just use water and a wash cloth because the soap will really dry out your face (and for me at least, causes me to get pimples).

    The face lotion that I occasionally use that does not cause pimples is Nivea for Men After Shave - Extra soothing balm - sensitive (because I have sensitive skin). It helps with dryness but does not cause pimples or a greasy face like a lot of other creams do.

    • Yay its Regular-guy! lol

      Okay I will look into that. I have to wash my face though if not I'll break out a ittle and it'll just get worse over time. I just wanted something to hydrate my face after I shower. I don't like the feel of my skin being tight and dry :(

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    • I know but a chemical byproduct from a plant is less irritating than a chemical that is made in a factory that can eat through plastic

    • TwiztidK--there are essential oils that need to be on the face--stripping oils will create over dryness and incidentally, more acne--natural oil from plant sources can create balance and reduce breakouts--I am almost 40 son been using organic for 5 years and they are the Only things that have worked on my break out prone skin so there is no need to be a smart ass...also does not mean you won't be allergic to an ingredient so trial and error is in order with organics too...

  • I use Vaseline body & face lotion for men. Works great for me plus it isn't gloppy or thick like others out there. It works pretty quick too. Plus it has a nice scent to it.

  • I use Caldo Face Moisturizer. Its Italian ;) Smells good (not girly), bought it at Target.

    I also use Clean & Clear invisible blemish treatment. Works well and fast, from Wal Mart.

  • Have you tried Vaseline mixed with a little bit of battery acid? It works wonders...

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