What's a good lotion to use for the face?

Hey everyone, I was curious what's a good lotion to use for the face. I've noticed that my face is kinda dry after a shower and I would like to fix that.

I used to have severe acne when I was like 13-18. I'm 21 now and I get like the occasional pimple. Nothing bad at all. I was wondering what's a good mild lotion to use than won't jack up my complexion!

Open Suggestion from both Guys and Girls :)


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  • how sensitive is your skin? For me, even the OTC hypoallergenic stuff can break me out. I actually had to go organic and it helps--if you want, I can send you some inks to some organic ( all natural not one chemical in it) stuff that is about the price of what you can find in a store...

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      Post the links up for everyone to see! :D

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      Kaia house is like a organic product superstore ranging from the moderately priced to the "Oh my god are they crazy" also be sure to read the ingredients list on the page before purchase, some companies claim to have organic products when they only have one or two organic items in it.


      great store 100 percent natural and hand made


      Also great