Love ya VS. I love you... do they mean different things coming from a guy?

There's a guy I've been talking to for a couple weeks, and he thinks he's falling in love with me, but I know it's way too soon since we haven't even been together in person yet. Tonight he said "love ya" before he signed off Skype. Does "love ya" have a more casual meaning, or is he just wording it that way so I can't blame him for saying the actual words "I love you"?

Do guys mean different things when saying "love ya" or "I love you"?


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  • I think they mean the same thing. I used to think about this too because I would say and text "I love you" to my boyfriend and he would say "Love you too". Lol. I would be like where is the "I"? Now, I know the LOVE part is what's important. Honestly, I think you should take it slow though, since its only been a few weeks. Good luck! ^_^

    • I'm the one that IS trying to take it slow. That's the thing. haha

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  • It's a soft way of saying he loves you. If I Love You were an adult with a career, love ya is someone in college still finding themselves.

    • Thanks, that's a nice analogy!

  • It's so hard to know when it's done over text, because tone of voice plays such an important role in this.

    I do think that "love ya" is more casual than "I love you", but even then "I love you" doesn't necessarily mean "falling in love".

    Ahhh, the complexities of written communication...

  • "Love ya" is more casual and keeps her from thinking you have deep feelings for her.

    • He's already said he thinks he's fallen in love with me and has said "I love you" before, but I told him not to do that because he barely knows me and we've only known each other for a couple weeks. It's too soon to know if there's even potential for us to fall in love, isn't it? I hate having to be the rational, realistic one. lol

  • I love you is deeper, and can't be mistaken for a thought.

    I believe you can be interested into someone online, you can like or love the idea of talking with them but you can't love someone online because online I can who ever I want to be! I can be superman. Love ya is just a way to reinforce their confidence with them selves that they know what they're doing!. That's my points of thoughts anyway.


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  • I love you is more meaningful than love ya, I mean he didn't even write out "you" he wrote "ya"

  • they are different. Love ya means he loves you as a friend. But if he told you that he might be falling in love with you, then it means that he wants to say I love you but doesn't know if you'll respond positively to it so he's just saying it in a casual platonic manner right now to see if you'll reciprocate

    • He already knows that I'd respond positively if we were to say it later, when it would actually mean something. I've told him many times that he doesn't know me well enough to love me, and he just keeps saying that he can't help falling for me this fast. I told him we can talk, but to keep his eyes open for other girls, then he said "I'm supposed to love you, so that would be like cheating." I never told him he had to love me though. lol. And we aren't even close to being exclusive. He's a dork.

  • Love ya is more casual but I love you is more meaningful