Nickname for your significant other...

I have a nickname for my fiance. Her name is Shanna, and I call her Shanner. I jut like the way it runs with Bananer. Shanner Bananer. lol It just sticks, and she don't mind it. My name is Christopher. She is working hard to come up with a nickname for me. It is hard for her. lol I just laugh every time she comes with something new. lol To this day she has not come up with one. What nickname do you give to your significant other?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh gosh this is embarrassing but we call each other "Jerky" because when we were first dating during an argument I couldn't think of any words and I yelled, "Stop being JERKY!" and it made us both laugh so I'll playfully call him "rude jerk" or "jerky" and he started calling me it too because he'd be like no you're a rude jerk.