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Nickname for your significant other...

I have a nickname for my fiance. Her name is Shanna, and I call her Shanner. I jut like the way it runs with Bananer. Shanner Bananer. lol It just... Show More

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  • Oh gosh this is embarrassing but we call each other "Jerky" because when we were first dating during an argument I couldn't think of any words and I yelled, "Stop being JERKY!" and it made us both laugh so I'll playfully call him "rude jerk" or "jerky" and he started calling me it too because he'd be like no you're a rude jerk.

What Girls Said 13

  • Topher the Gopher :P

    I call my boyfriend Webby...

  • My boyfriend's name is Caleb. I came up with Cay-wub, Cay-bub, then I just shortened it to Cub. Now I always call him Cub or Cubby Bear.

  • though I am a huge fan of nicknames, I rarely use them, I just like coming up with them.

    my really good friend nicknamed my boyfriend micmic (mikemike) but I read it as literally mic (like bic pens but with an m) and it stuck. He even used it.

  • Christopher is pissed-at-her... hahahahaa okay maybe not so funny :(

    Anyway, I just got mine sweety, love, hunny, woman, sexy, babe, lovey, ding ball, beautiful, smookie, smoochie, muffin, etc.

    • lol

    • I think that is funny...

  • My friends call my boyfriend nicknames, I call him my his name-Dustin. They call D-Dog and Dusty-Boy... He calls me Izzi or Izzi Love

  • i don't have a SO, but I over heard this couple out in public calling each other "Pookie"...:p, I thought it was adorable!

  • My coworker soon to be boyfriend calls me Smiles. He actually gets a little ticked if other people use it on me.

  • I call him quasifrodo or juggernaut and he calls me uggmoe, or gargoyle. We have one of those relationships where if you don't know us you'd think we hated each others' guts. But that's how we flirt. LOL

  • I called him Kid ...

    long story but it was me making a joke of him saying how much of a man he was... at 17 ':1

  • Well the guy I'm into calls me sweetie and since he is bald and very muscular I call him mr.clean because he kinda looks like mr.clean lol

    • lol

    • Lol I no funny right he seems to like it lol

    • LOL

  • I started calling him Kermit! came up out of an inside joke.

  • I called mine Sugar lips and Boo Daddy. He gets a kick out of Boo daddy. He's already corny and he drags it out and says "Boooooooo Daddaaay!" I have no clue why but it makes us both laugh but He loves them both.

    Maybe your just that unique to her and she can't find a name to place on you and you could be so many nice names LoL so don't stress it.

What Guys Said 4

  • I just call her by her name. O.o

  • Kangaroo




    Sugar Tits

    And whatever else I happen to call her

    • Sugar Tits? LOLOL *cough* LOLOL Interesting

    • What? It's legit

  • Lololol why not just call her Shanna Banana? Makes more sense to keep both words the same than to change them to make them rhyme even though they already rhyme... :P

    Yeah I had a couple nicknames for my ex. Like Jessiepoopoo :P

  • my girl calls me tony bear..i hate it but I love it

    • Ive had that type of feeling too. you just made me think of a new question to ask lol

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