Could I REALLY be in love after only 2 weeks???

Ok, so recently I started dating one of my best guy friends. We have been friends since 7th grade and have always been close. There were times when we wouldn't hang out as much due to him having a girlfriend or me having a b/f, but we have still remained good friends.

We haven't had sex, or anything like that yet (which is really weird for me) but we have so much fun with each other regardless. I know he really likes me, he has even talked to me about marriage, kids and how he thinks I might be "the one."

My problem is, I know I love him, he's been one of my friends forever, but I think I'm falling IN LOVE with him. Is that possible? We've only been dating, exclusively for 2 weeks and we don't even call each other boyfriend or g/f. I have NEVER felt this way about anyone this quick.

I usually don't really "fall in love" anyways, I kinda never wanted too. It's so different with him because I have fantasized about getting married, having kids with him, etc.

Is this normal? Could I REALLY be in love with him already? Thoughts & comments, PLEASE! Thanks!

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I really appreciate it!


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  • Hey sweetie!

    Alright, so, typically, no, it wouldn't be possible to fall in love with someone after dating them for two weeks. It'd be a potential situation, of course, based on how those first two weeks go, but you wouldn't be able to know enough about that particular person in only two weeks. You wouldn't see enough about them, and their full personality would not have a chance to reveal itself to you. Ultimately, you just wouldn't know each other well enough, because falling in love is a process that takes time.


    You have known this boy since grade seven, and that is different. The reason people will tell you that two weeks will be too premature for a relationship to develop into that level of love is because there hasn't been enough time given and care given into the relationship. But where you two have known one another so long, and have experienced things together beforehand, it is TOTALLY possible!

    My guess is this: That you went throug the process of knowing each other, and growing with each other and learning how to get along with one another, etcetera, during your relationship as friends, and now that you are in a relationship, you are now given the oppertunity t think of him as more than a friend. And perhaps this is the point where it dawns on you. You had more than likely not given it much thought when you were involved with oher significant others, and so that is more than likely the reason in which you did not realize your feelings for him.

    That isn't to say that I am completely correct, of course. But know that it is possible, of course! Don't rule out the possibiltiy. Go over it thoroughly before you act on anything major in your guyses relationship, and wait it out a little while in order to see if you still feel the same way then, as you do now.

    I hope that helped you a littebit, sweetie!

    Let me know how things go!



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  • it sounds like you two have an amzing relationship-i think it is perfectly feasable for you to be in love with him, especially as you have known each other so long!

    Good luck!

  • I stumbled across this old question.. do you mind saying how it turned out?


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  • For sure, you've known each other for a long time, so you know him. You probably just didn't realize the feelings growing in you before because you hadn't really looked at him in that light before. Sometimes, friends are so scared to try dating because they don't want to ruin their friendships, but sometimes, it's the right thing to do. And if you really feel that way then feel good to know that in your case it is the right thing to do. I too didn't really want to fall in love, I really didn't even know if I believed in it, but it sort of crept up on me and took me by surprise.

  • It's not impossible since you two have been friends. I feel for my good friend of four years in a matter of a couple of weeks as well. We are engaged and have been together for nearly a year. Yes it's possible.

  • yes, that's possible! if you had just met 2 weeks ago that would be another story. but you have known each other since 7th grade! of course you could be in love with him! I'm so happy for you best of luck for your awesome relationship (not that you need any!) :)