I'm really jelaous because my girlfriend keeps talking about magic mike

My girlfriend and I have been dating since last month and she went to see magic mike and she woulnt stop jabering about how hot they are and I got so jelaous that I sent a shirtless pic were I was wearing tight boxers and she friggin said omg I found one of the guys from the movie naked I'm so mad and jeaous is she trying to b mean to me or somthing please help


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  • That's kind of funny. Not because you are jealous but because so many, obviously not you, but so many guys do this to there girls and act like they have no reason to be jealous. I would prefer to hear this happen to guy who does this to his girlfriend.Ask her how she would feel if you did that to her.

    • Thank you for actually saying I didn't look at p*rn because I didn't I know that it hurts so yeah guys are gross to do that but they shouldn't make a movie about either one p*rn belongs on the internet

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  • If you're not willing to communicate with your girlfriend about how you feel every time she talks about magic Mike then perhaps you should zone her out, talk about some celeb you find hot or leave the relationship. But really, if you can't communicate your feelings with each other then what's the point of being together?

    • Let her know that she can talk to you about things, but swooning over other guys all the time doesn't make you feel all that confident in yourself and that talking about celeb men are probably better off being a convo with her gf's :)

    • I just thought it would be mean to sound like she cat talk about stuff with me I'm going to tell her how I feal

  • I think you actually take that as a good thing instead a bad just for the fact that she is speaking out your mind, most girls will say such things to a girl friend but not in front of our boyfriends, Most likely she's just trying to make you a little jealous it sort of a way to show her the interest you have.But if it really bothers you always remember communication is the key to sucess in any relationship, let her know how you feel when she talks about "magic mike" and I'm sure she would stop talking about it.

  • Well maybe if you weren't lazy and got off your ass and worked out then this jealousy wouldn't existMen make women feel like less than by comparing us to Kim Kardashian and Megan Good and now that we have Magic Mike, they have a taste of their own medicine. Serves them right.

    • Fine bye bye

    • Stop talking to me.

    • Leave the good part of the male population alone and I will and its the same principle convict the guilty just leave the innocent the f*** alone

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  • Get over it. Sorry but really. If you're going to get upset about her watching a movie, then maybe you aren't mature enough for this relationship. She's not going to have sex with the actors. I feel like guys are freaking out because their gender is the one being the sexual object for once. Get over it. Move on. Women are always the sex object in the movies. It's okay for the guy to be it for once. I can't say it again, GET OVER IT!

    • If your to immature to relize that girls shouldn't like guys on TV when they have boyfriends then you should leave

    • I'm not going on a war on males. I'm going on a war on you. You're making a mountain out of a mole hill. Move past it or dump her. If you can't handle the fact that she's a woman, than perhaps the latter is the better option. This is my last comment. You're too immature for my tastes. Good day.

    • Maybe look at the best answer before you go on with your war on males

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  • Ew that's really rude and disrespectful to you. I'm sorry. Is she doing this for revenge? Like, have you done the same to her?

    • Oops. My bad.

    • Um ask me in a messaget not on here >.>

    • Ok good. It doesn't sound as bad as I thought then. By the way are you really 13? You're way too young to be sending pic messages like that. Heck, I wish I waited til 18 to date sometimes...

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  • Meh. Don't pay much attention. She is probably doing it intentionally to get a rise outta you.

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  • It's OK to be jealous, we don't like seeing our girls being so obsessed with other guys.Just don't take it so seriously, time will pass and she'll forget about it.

  • I'll throw in the opinion of another dude here...I would be like you and be upset if my girlfriend was doing this, but only for one reason: the fact that I would never do that to her.We're human and its in our nature to find people of the opposite gender attractive, so that I can't blame her for...thats the only reason girls went to see that movie...if it was the same movie and story line with a bunch of female strippers, you'd be lucky to see 25% of the audience females. Saying omg he's hot...or whatever I don't think is all that big of a deal, as long as she doesn't say it 15 times like your girlfriend seems to be doing.I think the biggest offense is she's looking for these guys naked online...thats what's really disrespectful. Honestly, she seems like an immature little school girl, but that's expected, assuming you are indeed under 18. As you get older, you'll experience more mature relationships and girls who won't do this to you.

    • Im not sure when the topic of p*rnography came to light, so I must have missed something...Im just making the statement based upon the story you described and what she's saying/doing...if she's into the whole p*rnography thing, that's just wrong.

    • *same

    • And thank goodness we're not all the me. :)

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