How long does it take to get over your first love?

I was with my first love for 2.5 years and she broke my heart almost 10 months ago. Since then I haven't dated anyone, but was with a few girls, one of which I would have dated if I didn't move away. Every once in a while I will get sad when I think about my ex, and how she is dating someone new. I've cut all ties with her, because I feel like having her in my life wasn't healthy and I needed a new start? Does your first love stay with you forever, and will I always feel the pain of this?


Most Helpful Girl

  • You are doing good with the no contact, the worst thing you can do is still speak to her. My ex of 3 years wanted to be friends, but knowing that he still wasnt over the relationship I WAS THE ONE to say "No", because I know what its like talking to someone you know you can't have, and I knew I would only hurt him more. This pain will not be forever though. I can guarntee one thing you are prob. doing is comparing girls that you have dated with her and that's extremley bad! Until you meet someone else that gives you those butterfly feelings in your stomach then you will prob. always have the feeling of "pain" because she was the only good that you've known. As time goes on and you find someone else that you have feelings for that "pain" will just turn to "indifference" you will remember the times you had with her, and I guarntee she will pop in your head, but it will never be enough for you to dwell on it and want to post a question about it, it will come and go.

    p.s. one thing that my ex has done since the past 2 years that we have broken up, is contacting me telling me how much I hurt him etc. whatever you do, don't do that! because if there are ever is a chance that you two cross paths in the future it will only leave a bad taste in your for now go about your life, don't compare girls to your ex, and I promise you that once you find a girl you like, you will think less and less of her!