Can you say "I love you" after 6 months?

I met my girlfriend back in January of this year at a college fair, we started dating on February 5th. It will be 7 months we've been together next month, but my aunt says I can't love her because I haven't had sex with her and my aunt says I don't know nothing about her even though I have been with her for half a year. My girlfriend lived in Illinois for 2 months but she moved back to Florida due to her dad being sick and my aunt claims, "You don't know her and you've never had sex with her, you don't love her!" My girlfriend wants me to come to Florida to visit her in October and my aunt is against me going there and my aunt laughs at me whenever I say I trust her. Can you say ''I love you" after 6 months and is my aunt right.


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  • Dude, no offense, but your aunt is a f***ing tard. Do not listen to her, do not ask her for advice, do not tell her a damn thing because she'll throw it back in your face and you don't need that. She sounds very spiteful and has no f***ing clue what she's talking about. Seriously dude, it's your life, your decisions, and if she doesn't like it then she can go hug a live grenade.

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  • I believe how you feel is reflected in how you act. If you always treat her with respect, care about her and her life, are completely open & honest with her about yourself and your life... then it's a good possibility that you love her.

    I can't say what your aunt is basing her assumption on that you don't love her. Maybe she has witnessed actions in you that aren't up to par. Maybe she's seen something in your girlfriend that doesn't set right with her. Maybe she's got her own personal issues she's speaking from. Not having sex with your girlfriend has nothing to do with it. In fact, I think you are more apt to fall in love with a girl you haven't had sex with than if you had early on.

    If you have the time and the money to visit your girlfriend in October, then I don't see why you shouldn't.

    Whether you're honestly ready to say "I love you" or not is completely up to you. It's a difficult thing when you've never experienced love before. But eventually you'll figure it out.

  • I'm gonna be frank here...your aunt is a f***in' idiot. You don't have to have sex with someone in order to love them. Sex and love are two separate things, they aren't necessarily a package deal. You can love someone, you can have sex with someone, or you can love AND have sex with someone. As for when you start to love someone, it angers me that there is a stigma about when it is and isn't okay to say it. You have to wait till you've gone on this many dates, or dated this many months... you love someone when you love someone, don't worry about society's small box of what a relationship is.

  • You can say "I love you" whenever you feel it. I used to believe that love happens only after several months for a year or so. But then I met my first love, and I fell for him in less than a week. And I can tell you with certainty that it was REAL love.

  • Love really is subjective and its definition can't be put into words. Because of that, you should say it when you feel that it's right. As far as sex goes, I do think that getting to know someone intimately can help you to love them more completely, as you'd be getting to know them in another way. But I still think that you can feel love before sex. It can work both ways.

  • i mean if its how you really feel go for it. Shoot you got people saying it the same day they start dating!


  • First of all, I believe that you can love someone even sooner, you just need to listen to yourself and your heart, as cliché as it sounds. I don't think you seem to be rushing anything and you even lived long distance for a while, which would kill many weaker relationships.

    I also agree with what has been said, that you don't need to experience anything physical to know if you love someone, I think it's an important part of a relationship, but it does not define love.

    Be true to your feelings and live accordingly, don't let anyone (aunt, girlfriend, friends, family, unknown people in websites, even if well intentioned) tell you what you feel or don't feel.

  • Who died and made your aunt the rule creator?

    Let me ask you this: has your aunt ever telepathically breached your innermost desires? your deepest thoughts? has she ever felt the blood pumping through your veins second hand?

    If no, than no. Your aunt is exactly that, your aunt. She is not (I assume) or has ever been a man and she most definitely is not you. She is oblivious to what you feel inside.

    You say "I love you" when you truly mean it, when it would bring you sweet release and joy confessing it to her. And you don't have to have sex with anyone in order to love them, love is deeper than sex. Sex is just a tool compared to love.

    It saddens me that people have devalued the meaning of "love" throwing it around like if it were a common Frisbee, so that is why I will ask you to only say it when you truly mean it or you can hurt her and/or yourself.

  • Thats stupid . you can love someone without any physical things happening. you love the person for who they are nt the sex. gosh

  • if you wanna tell a girl you love her BEFORE you had sex, I think it really does mean you love her!

    a lot of guys are into girls only because they give them good sex or because they turn them on. but if you wanna tell a girl you love her, and you haven't even been together sexually, it means you love her for her personality and the way she makes you feel.

    in other words, yes I think you can say "i love you" only after 6 months

  • Well for one thing your aunt is not the one dating the girl so she shouldn't feel like her view is going to change yours. I feel personally that you 'know know' you love somebody if you experience something with them like a death in the family ect because that is when you feel the strongest emotions and need the most comforting and it is a testing time for a relationship if that makes sense . To be perfectly honest you can love lots of people some people will always love ex partners but not as much as their wife or husband or life partner. if you feel strongly I don't see anything wrong with it...the only people who do annoy me are twelve years olds who say it after dating someone for two days.

  • After only one month me and my boyfriend said "I love you" at the same time coincedentally! and we still didn't have sex until 9 months After we said those words...5 years later AFTER SAYING " I LOVE YOU", we are still saying it and meaning it with all of our heart and the sex is GREAT! lol.

    If you feel it, don't hold back! You never know if you guys wil be able to actually see each other when you think you are supposed to because Life is short and you are not guaranteed tomorrow. Tell her now.

    And your aunt needs to chill out. she sounds like she needs to get laid, and seems very envious of someone getting your lovin' . She must know that you are truly a sweetheart and wants to take part in choosing your girlfriend, but it doesn't work that way. She is supposed to love anyone who loves you too. That is called support! And she isn't giving you any. she is just discouraging you and she has the wrong idea. Sex does not = Love.

    6 months is plenty of time to say I love you if you truly feel it in your heart.

  • Well if you're "feeling it", why not.

  • Ummm just ignore your aunt. She sounds very rude, uninformed, and maybe jealous? Falling in love with someone is different for everyone; some people can say it and mean it after only a few weeks or months and others still won't be able to say it after months and months of dating. My boyfriend and I said it after we'd been together for about 3 months and we meant it. I have a friend who was with her boyfriend for 10 months and they still hadn't said it. Also you don't have to have had sex to be in love, where the heck did that come from...

  • well first of all, you don't have to have sex with someone for it to be okay to love them. And its okay to say I love you whenever you feel like you're actually in love. So if you really love this girl, tell her.

    • I tell her all the time I love her, and she says it back.

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  • Love is a subjective feeling. It holds no meaning to society and all meaning to the individual who defines it. What your aunt defines as love is only applicable to herself. The same applies to you, what you define as love is only applicable to yourself. The objective definition of love is "An intense feeling of deep affection" but that very phrase is subjective, how much is intense? Not only that, people tend to look for something more specific adding other requirements in order to be able to accept it as love.

    To answer your question, "Can you say "I love you" after 6 months?" My answer is, what do you believe? Because in the end that's the only thing that matters.

  • i said I love you to my girlfriend I love after one month. some people may think that's quick but I said it when I felt it. if you feel it just say it.

  • my friends parents got married after knowing each other for all of 4 months. theyve been together over 20 years.

  • Do you feel that you love her? if you do then say you love her. your aunt doesn't know what she's talking about...

  • 6 months is plenty of time to fall in love.