Girls: When you tell a guy "I love you" and he hasn't responded for an entire week?

What goes through your mind?

Say you have/had a crush on a guy and you text him saying 'I love you' and he hasn't responded for a week, would you cut off contact with him?


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  • Hm, I would first wonder if he's okay and what happend..but if I found he was just ignoring mi then I'd call him an ass hole and tell him that he should have told mi that he didn't want to continue and thanks for wasting mi time and making mi worry and wait for nothing. Then I'd delete his contact info and set fire to his things.


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  • If we were friends or dating I wouldn't cut contact with him. But I would definitely assume he didn't feel the same way

  • I'd feel hurt and rejected, so yes, I probably wouldn't want to speak to him if I felt like I made a fool of myself.

  • i assume he isn't into my and I move on to the next. Done with that

  • I'd ask him if we can talk about it but I'd probably move on after that even if I didn't want to, it would be clear that he doesn't feel the same way

  • Major rejection and just ignore him back obviously he doesn't love me back.

  • I'd assume he was eaten by a bear and be very sad.

    If it turned out that he was just ignoring me, I'd find a guy that less immature to share my affections with.

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  • Come on girls. I know a week seems like a long time, but a guy can have a lot of things scheduled and he may wish to try to find time to respond correctly and also may be a little afraid of saying the wrong thing. He should respond quickly with some indication of his interest and say he would like to talk more when some things are out of the way. Writing him off after one week is too much.

    Suppose a guy you had dated asked you to join him on a trip to Vegas next month. Would you all be able to answer within a week?:

    • Putting your heart on the line vs a $300 plane ticket aren't exactly comparable, but ironically you'd probably get similar reactions after a week with an entire week of absolutely no response, "WTF, is this a yes, a no, are you working, are you trying to get time off, did you even get my message, I'm trying to plan out a serious event and I cannot do this until you respond..."

      If a person (guy or girl) needs time to consider things, they should say so within a week.

    • You can always nudge him. People are easily distracted but often mean well. If you only hold out for immediate responses with decisive action, you may end up with someone who drives you crazy being too obsessive for every little detail.