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I broke up with my boyfriend and now he has a new girlfriend. Why am I so jealous?

I don't wanna be with him anymore, but I didn't think he'd get over me so quickly. His new girlfriend is really pretty. Why am I so jealous?

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  • You're probably just upset because then ew girl is pretty. Do't get caught in the game of competing with other girls based on your looks. Petty is't that important in life.

    Work on yourself and ignore him AND her even more...Think of how pretty YOU are, and how much prettier you will be next year, and the next...

What Guys Said 6

  • What's stopping you from approaching a new guy and finding a replacement? Your ex-boyfriend replaced you, now find someone who can be in your life who's good for you, and you're good for him. Don't turn this into a competition, as there's always going to be someone more beautiful, taller, wealthier, etc. than you.

  • Well I will take a guess... You broke up with him because he wasn't treating you well, so you kind of hoped a breakup would let him see what he is missing. And it didn't work that way... But it shows you were right to move on. So absolutely don't let him know you are jealous. Besides he could be trying to make you jealous.

  • Its simple. you either want what you don't have, you realized you never knew what you had till it was gone, or all of the above. you also may feel that because e moved on so quickly that maybe you weren't as important as you thought. you have then two choices - option A. try and fix things/get him back (or) option B. move on with your life. obviously you already know that or you wouldn't have posted this question. so think objectively and don't look for people to back your choices. think without pride or ego and ask your self with an abstract view to why you feel jealous? I'm not here to bust balls. Just asking you to think past things like looks and self esteem, and realize that some men are built that way. (me included) I got dumped and moved on in less than twenty-four hours. doesn't mean I didn't care about her, in fact I loved her and still do to this day. I just saw no use In wasting time crying about it. If you don't want him, and he's happy; than I really see no problem here. you will spend time dwelling over it, that's a given. but understand there is really nothing you can do in this current situation, and if you choose in-action then I recommend you leave it, keep in mind the only reason he's in another girls arms is because you led him there. being jealous ain't gonna change a damn thing. you are upset because you lost in the end.

  • Human nature works this way. Get over it by getting back on the horse.

  • Depends, ask yourself a few questions, why did you break up, what did you liked about him in the first place, what did he liked about you, why do you think he likes this new girl, and if you were him would have you started dating as soon as possible too?

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  • dont be,looks have nothing to do with it,u obviously broke up with him for a good reason and the fact that he moved on so quickly is proof something was wrong with the relationship and you broke it off, be happy for him and wish him luck she may dump him too,lol.

  • His new girlfriend is a rebound girl, and he could be using her to get over you faster and/or make you jealous. Try moving on with your life and not focusing on him, therefore you won't feel the jealousy.

  • when you know someone likes you so much its flattering and then when they move on its like oo.. wtf happend.

    Everyone likes knowing they have someone they likes them so much.

    Youll get over it don't worry

  • You might be jealous, because just that, you didn't think that he would get over you so quickly and it hurt you. You might not want to get back with him, or be with him anymore, but to see him with another girl can hurt. Best thing to do is to just move on. No point going back to something you let go of in the first place. If you let him go, there is a reason don't back off that reason.

  • I ended a 5 1/2 relationship. He wasn't treating me well. Even had battered me 2 years ago; then again asked me for up to 4 mos to reconcile. I felt I had no choice but to end even though I loved him deeply. He got on match.com and quickly met numerous women and has already dated two; even at the same time for a period telling them both he loved them. And is now in another committed relationship within 6 mos. Some men are so good at putting on a physiad to get control of women. When a man says "I love you" in a short amount of time after dating, run! It's been difficult knowing he's been with all these other women, but I have to keep remembering I ended it, he was a liar, cheater & abusive and he hasn't changed. She just doesn't know it yet! It can be more difficult today too with social media, mutual friends on FB, etc. If that's the case, don't get on the computer unless it's a must until you're over him.

  • it might be because of the fact that he moved on faster than you did? you feel like your relationship couldn't have been worth too much if he already has a new girlfriend? I think these are pretty normal things to feel after a break-up. I would be jealous too in your situation. I guess after break-ups...these competitions come up...basically who gets over each other faster and who gets a girlfriend/boyfriend first. it sucks...

  • How long ago did you guys break up?

  • Maybe you miss just being important to him or him trying or I don't know.. Like I had this boy he wouldn't leave me alone and wanted to date me, but I saw him as my best guy friend and now he has a girlfriend and we don't talk anymore. I'm jealous kind of, because he was always there.. He made me feel better about myself, but I didn't feel the same.

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