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How easily do women get jealous?

If a guy casually flirted with you for a minute or two, and you were mildly attracted to him, would seeing him do the same thing with another girl... Show More

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  • very easily jealous.

    but the period of how long she's known the guy matters. Meaning like you described, if she just met him and they talked and stuff for a brief moment, and he gave her attention first and then turned to another chick, shed be slightly jealous but would easily move on and may be won't even look back at the guy. However, if youve been friends with a guy for a while now, and flirting is daily, and you grow on that person, and then one day out of nowhere he hits on some other chick in front of you, the degree of jealousy is more intense followed by anger, pms, bitching ignoring and cold-heartedness towards the guy.

    NEVER EVER flirt with another grl when uve already given signs to someone else initially. especially in front of her.

    women want security from men. They want something meaningful and worthy even if it doesn't become into a long relationship, most women want a guy theyve dated who was good to her and liked her and they had good times. no one wants to be treated like shit or used and be played with, and to be honest, would you as a guy, or any guy, wanna be remembered as a douchebag or jerk or asshole in a girls memory?

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  • i'm not easily jealous because I know there are other guys out there who won't take that opportunity lightly and end up looking like a fool in my eyes. same reason why I dont' play games with guys I like, I myself am annoyed by those games.

    i guess because I've been there and done that. a certain guy has tried to make me jealous and it only backfired on him.

  • No way. I just wouldn't take him (or at least, his flirting) seriously anymore and write him off as a player.

  • Yea I would have to admit I would be a tad jealous (well at least depending on the time frame in which I've known him, i.e if it's like a short time hell no) but I would be thinking to myself he's not worth my time because it's obvious he's just some big flirt

  • I'm not easily jealous, and that would really not effect me. I mean, he only flirted for a minute or two. wasn't like I was planning on marrying the guy.

  • I would have 2 say ya alittle bit.. My guyfriend was flirting with another girl and I did get jelous and I immediately thought of him being a player I don't know why it might be true

  • no

  • If he was already a friend and he flirted in normal conversation with me and then did the same to a mutual girl friend of both of ours the next day I'd be sorta hurt, not jealous though.

    But if it's someone who I don't know and they just randomly flirted then moved on the next day I'd just take it with a pinch of salt and not care.

  • i agree. if it was just a minute id say wahtever, he's a player. can't be satisfied with just one person, has to try them all out. and probably laugh at it.

  • nope, I wouldn't be jealous. we're not dating or anything, he's free to do what he wants.

  • depends on the girl... some girls very some not

    it really depends on how confident the girl is, truthfully

    if you like blondes and she's a brunette, she will feel second best and will always question your motives to talking to the blonde cashier at the store... hope that helps

  • yes, absolutely...even if I only like them as a friend it makes me jealous

  • Id be hurt, and think of him as a player as well. I have a guy friend who will flirt directly with me and then the next day act like it was nothing and then next day flirt again. That to me hurts, and then he got with his now ex, that did make me a bit jealous after he made me feel the ways he had before he got with her. But if it were a guy I had no idea of him, or hardly knew him Id think he was either playing, or trying to get something.. that's my opinion anyway.

  • We just flirted for a minute? Then no, I would not become crazy jealous if I saw him with someone else the next day. I would probably just think of him as a player.

  • Not jealous, hurt.

  • Like other girls saying, I think he'd just be a guy who fancies his chance. I wouldn't get jealous per say, I'd just become very cautious.

  • Hahahah girls CAN get pretty jealous, not all of them do, they're all different. I,for one, would be jealous of that scenario if it was my boyfriend who was you, but if it was jut a flirty guy, then no because I couldn't act like he blonged to me ! So unless you're in a relationship with them, I wouldn't worrie about it too much :) hope this helped !

What Guys Said 1

  • Hmm this makes me think of something I heard from my family before. Both men and women even when they are together married and a realtionship or whatever still look at other people of the opposite sex. I think it's human nature. I mean come on how many times have you seen a woman talk about some celeb they like or have said they like a way some buff guy looks. But I agree you shouldn't galk at someone right infront of your partner. It's out of respect.

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