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What are the reasons men get scared when they start to fall in love?

Why are men afraid of falling in love? Why do you develop feelings for a girl and then cut and run, like you never liked her in the first... Show More

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  • So long as you think its fear, you'll never understand.

    • well would be nice to know what it is then?

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  • I have heard of this but never actually seen it. It is certainly not the way all guys function.

  • Few reasons in my opinion from personal experience and friends:1) They have been jaded before and don't want to get their heart broken again.2) Some guys just want to keep their options open.3) The whole "free spirit" thing..they don't want to be tied down/have more responsibility. 4) Are just plain afraid of what the future could be like when they do fall in love.

  • Depends, some are afraid to get hurt, some don't want to end up with that person, and some are just sh*tty people.

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