What are the signs a guy is afraid of commitment?

Are there any signs to look for when you think a guy is into you but doesn't want a committed relationship with you, Even if he says he's not scared of commitment.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Here goes:

    1. He obesses about sex or attempts to force you to sleep with him.

    2. He rarely talks about his own family (if he has a decent one) or your family for that matter. Guys that don't ever talk about families are giving much thought to the future of building a family with you.

    3. His conversations with you focus mostly about casual topics. That's not to say you can't have fun chats, but a lack of seriousness in addressing the matters that affect a couple in the long run need to be brought to the table.

    4. Plans, does he have any? Does the guy ever envision his future, with or without you? If too many of the talks you have with him focus strictly on what is happening for tomorrow, this is a warning sign.

    5. He's afraid of intimacy or unreceptive of getting to know your more personal and private details. If you open up to a person and share something that few people know, he ought to feel comfortable sharing back. If he never lets you close to his heart, there's a decent chance he doesn't picture a long-term relationship.

    I'm going to assume that the guy in question is your boyfriend or potential boyfriend? Why are you asking this question? Do you suspect that this person might be shying away from making you a long-term girlfriend? The more details about the guy and girl in question would be most helpful.