Is it true that men fall in love faster than women?

A study says that men fall in love faster than women. link

I was shocked when I read this because I always thought it was the other way around..

Guys, do you agree? Girls, do you believe this?

Interesting answers, guys!


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  • I think it is true, it's just the fact that a lot of men know they will quickly be labeled as creepy or desperate by women so yeah. It's quite hard to let it out.

    • Interesting point! They fall in love faster, but aren't as vocal about it because of fear of rejection.

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  • Yup.

    Women care more about it.

    Women worry more then men about being loved, men worry more then women about being desired, though both want both.

  • I do think that's the case. I don't fall in love very often, it's very rare really, but when I do it goes very quick. Last time I was completely in love only after seeing her the 2nd time, and it wasn't even a date.

  • i would say it's true. I think women start falling in love over a longer period of time, by getting too know her man. it really comes down too, we have different psychology. men are more psychological about things, and women are more emotional about things. .

    I also think it comes down to the individual, so many factors play a part for someone too fall in love quick than the other. I also think that the article is too generalized, not every man and women are the same emotionally. sometimes our up bringing can be big factor in that.

  • I do, I always fall for the girl first. :/

  • i kinda agree and disagree because when a guy likes a girl and I mean really LIKES! a gril he would actually lay down everything for her his walls, but if he doesn't he likes her as a friend or doesn't really see her as someone he would want to give his heart to..

  • This is all because for guys, it's "more of a social stigma" if they "don't have a girlfriend" or "haven't had a girlfriend" and are "still virgins" and so the like, thus they attempt to get into a relationship as soon as possible with pretty much the first girl that looks attractive. Later on, it's probably a result of desperation - they're willing to take the first that comes by.

    I personally would prefer to see the skeletons in the closet first before I'd settle by a person, because if something's unacceptable, I'd just rather leave it. Such as smoking weed, excessive partying/drinking, conflicting values, etc.

    So to actually make this post worthwhile, it's a result of stereotyping of the opposite gender. People often are swooned by the fact that the other person is an "attractive girl", and forgot to actually get to know the individual themselves. It's a shame, really. Once people realize that the social pressure is nonsensical, and that there is more to others than getting them laid - this no longer happens.

    • Getting in a relationship and falling in love are different things.

    • Hmm, I guess I'm one of the few who wouldn't really want to be in a relationship unless they're connected to the person, then. Of course, "being connected" and "falling in love" are also two different things, which is why it's surprising how people make themselves fall in love before they're even connected to the person in the first place.

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  • This is interesting, but personally I don't like these types of huge generalizations.. unless it can be proven to me that there's some sort of physical, biological reason as to why that happens. In my opinion, people experience different things, and all have different past relationships/experiences. I can say that I used to fall in love quickly, but as time passed it got harder to do so, or I looked for more things before deciding that I loved someone. Also, love to me, is an individual process. What someone thinks is love, might not be what someone else thinks is love. So when you survey people like that, you have to take into consideration the huge variability in definition.

    So short answer, no, not sure I really believe this study lol

  • I think men fall in LUST faster than women.

  • i do believe that too, I have lost a lot of male friends for that reason.

  • Yes, I believe it. Men are able to hide it easily.

  • I see they fall more head over heels, but can pick themselves up promptly

  • They may/may not fall in love faster but, they definitely fall out of it at amazeballz speed.

  • Yea, probably.. and with too many at the same time.