How can I get my ex-girlfriend back after I 'sort of' cheated on her?

First of all I'm going to apologize for the long winded story I'm about to write but here goes. I had been with my girlfriend a year and a half, and it was absolutely great well the first year anyway. I treated her all the time, complimented her everyday, bought her nice things, and spent all my... Show More

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  • Christ this sounds like me and my first boyfriend only he did it for the entire time we were together and didn't consider telling another girl he loved her, that she was the best thing that ever happened to her and having phone sex wih her cheating.. Look mate basically you've broken her trust and you've made her feel worthless. The only thing you can really do now is be the perfect boyfriend. Don't see anyone else while you are broken up (girls I mean) don't flirt with others and keep promises that you make to her. I think you need to speak to her in person and tell her why you did what you did. And if you don't know I can tell you right now it was a nice little ego boost for you to talk to another girl in a flirtatious and/or sexual manner. Young guys just have no will power for that sort of thing. You need to prove that she can trust you again. Honestly I think she just needs time and a bit of space... so just wait.

    • Thank you for your advice, understand what your saying! I will wait as a I truly don't want anyone else but her, she was the girl I could picture my life with and I was happy with it. I think you're right on the ego boost, sounds pathetic and I know it is. Really wish I hadn't took her for granted the times I did, if I got her back, I'd treat her like the princess she deserves to be, I really would!

    • Either way you have learnt your lesson. Which is a good thing. :)