How do I break it off with this guy?

I've been with this guy since September of 2009. In January of this year I had to move 300 miles away for a while (8 months) so we broke up. When I got back in August I was really enjoying the single life but the guy wanted to be in a relationship with me still (for the sake of me not confusing myself I'll name him Jason because Jason is a cool name is it not?). Alright, so Jason and I talked it out and we decided to have an open relationship. From August until now I had planned to be with 2 guys but in the end I was only with one (I was invited to have a threesome with the first guy and his girlfriend but that was cancelled and I just made out with the second guy.. nothing more). Jason never did anything with anyone. Now, the roles have switched and he wants to play the single role while I just really want to settle down and be in a serious relationship. Currently we have sex daily but are not a couple and I am not happy. I have tried to break up with him multiple times but every... Show More