How long does it take for you to say "I love you."

Obviously it would depend on the people involved and how well a connection developed but yeah does it take you day (lol), week, month, three months? Is there something you wait for the other person to do or say first?

O I see. I was just curious. It takes me a while to say it at least six months usually I just sometimes get the feeling like I'm supposed to say it sooner like its taking too long to say ir for the first tine. But I am really open and usually say it first


Most Helpful Guy

  • I was just considering this myself. My current girlfriend and I have been dating about 3 months now and I had this very thing pop into my head. After reading and reflecting on what I've read and reviewing my feelings, I guess you could say that it is never too soon as long as the feeling is there and you are not just saying it because you feel it is a "step". After three months I can honestly say I do love this girl, maybe not head over heels "in love" but I do care for her and we always have fun together and talk everyday, we share the same visions and dreams, etc. So I guess as long as you honestly feel it, it's OK to say it. First time ever meeting might be pushing it, but hopefully you get what I mean.