How long does it take for you to say "I love you."

Obviously it would depend on the people involved and how well a connection developed but yeah does it take you day (lol), week, month, three months? Is there something you wait for the other person to do or say first?

O I see. I was just curious. It takes me a while to say it at least six months usually I just sometimes get the feeling like I'm supposed to say it sooner like its taking too long to say ir for the first tine. But I am really open and usually say it first


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  • I was just considering this myself. My current girlfriend and I have been dating about 3 months now and I had this very thing pop into my head. After reading and reflecting on what I've read and reviewing my feelings, I guess you could say that it is never too soon as long as the feeling is there and you are not just saying it because you feel it is a "step". After three months I can honestly say I do love this girl, maybe not head over heels "in love" but I do care for her and we always have fun together and talk everyday, we share the same visions and dreams, etc. So I guess as long as you honestly feel it, it's OK to say it. First time ever meeting might be pushing it, but hopefully you get what I mean.


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  • I usually say it after the guy says it. Only if I feel the same way though.

    I am not sure how long it takes them. Some guys I dated said it after a week. There were some who said it after 1 month, I think.

    I guess it wasn't a big deal to me whether they said it or not. I mean, things like that are better said in different ways... right?

    Like, the certain look he gives me... or the feeling I get when I look into his eyes intense.. and so much better than hearing those three words.

    \but that's just me..

    • Ya that IS just you... because you know... ur weird lolollolllolllooolol I kid

  • idk like have never said that to any guy in my life. just because I know I've only really really liked certain guys, but I didn't come to a point where I did love them. and they were short relationships anyways

  • I said it the day after I met him. It was love at first sight, and he totally felt the same way. We have been with each other for over a year now, and everything is going great! We are perfect for each other. I am so happy that I decided to go to Taco Bell that day! I remember it perfectly. I ordered a cheesy gordita crunch with extra baja sauce on the side, and he said, "Ooo, I absolutely love the baja sauce! Have you ever tried it with cinnamon twists?" I never had, and I tried it, I was great! He was just leaving, and we went to the park and talked for hours! It was absolutely amazing. I love him more and more every day!

  • When you know that you really love that person and don't say it befor

  • I usualy end up saying it first.

    In my first relationship, it started out as friends. I told him like "You're great. I love you!" meaning it as a friend, and he sorta took it the wrong way. It made things very awkward.

    In my current relatonship, I had been in love with him for 3 Years and 10 Months when I finally told him that I loved him. We weren't going out at the time, so he was caught off guard. But it has blossomed into something so great. I will never regret telling him.

  • The second I hit the bed with the person ;D LOL. No I'm joking. It depends if they have my full trust and best interests. I have to have a bond so great that it would rip my soul to pieces if they ever left me.

  • I usually wait for the guy to say it first, and if I feel the same, I say it back. I had one ex who said I love you to me one day, and I had no idea what to say because I didn't feel the same way, and those words are powerful. I didn't say anything and we stood there and I smiled and said I'll talk to you later- I felt bad, but I was glad I didn't lie. Eventually I felt the same way and the next time he said it I said it back. But it really depends on how fast you have adpated to that person. It's not how long it should take. there's no specifi time frame. its something you should say when you actually feel it.

  • I am normally the first one to say it because I'm really open about my feelings. I don't say it until I know that I really mean it and feel it. The shortest I've said it in is 5 months but I had known the guy for about 8 years.

    Love is something which can not be rushed and I think it should only be said when you truley feel it. I belive it is something that takes time to develop because you need to know and understand a person fully before being able to feel it. One month or three months is way to early!

  • i stayed w my first boyfriend for 8 month and he never said it once which annoyed me cause I felt maybe he doesn't love me I was never sure of how he felt about me till the day we broke up(I didn't want him to say it all the time I just wished to hear it only once).now my current boyfriend told me I love you after a week from knowing him and he says it all the time.wierd right heheheh


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  • I've usually been the one saying it second, the reason being, I don't like to say something just for the sake of saying it. In a relationship, I'd normally wait at least several months before speaking those words. It takes a while to get to know someone. If you feel compelled to say it, it isn't something that should be said too soon. You also should hope that the other person by then has had a chance to figure out what their feelings are for you. Rushing this just doesn't work.

  • i ended up falling in love with a girl at first sight but that was kinda for looks only. then I got to know her and fell in love with who she was I was able to tell because I had never felt such strong feelings for a girl b4 and I knew that she was the one. when we started to date she told me that she loved me after the 1 month starting to go into the 2nd month. so it didn't take us long to tell each other how we really did feel about each other