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What would you choose the love of your life or your career?

If you had to choose between staying with the person you love or traveling someplace else to excel in your career what would you choose and why?

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  • I would always choose the love of my life because love does not come easy, but a career can be changed to whatever you want it to be, you may never find a person you love like that again, and really, if you love them, you would do anything for them,x

What Guys Said 13

  • Career. There at 3.5 Billion females on this planet. At least 200 million of which are date-able. Chances are someone else will come along, especially if you have a better career.

    • Pretty much agree with this, love is overrated.

  • Umm, career? I haven't got a job and I don't actually WANT to meet someone, so it's an easy choice :P

  • The love of my life. I have the skillsets and talent for getting good jobs elsewhere with little difficulty. I can do so again. While it's true that finding a physically attractive person is easy, finding one who is attractive and we connect so well at is very difficult.

  • Career.

    My duty is to honor my heritage, honor my country and honor my morals. Besides the love of my life would only have to suffer, so I don't want to put them through that. I couldn't stand to see that and I couldn't see myself as myself for doing that. I'd just be a sack of crap.

  • Love. No doubt in mind.

  • It's a no win situation - If you choose career, then you lose the love of your life. If you choose the love of your life, then she'll eventually leave you because you have no career.

  • If I was given the chance to do what I really want and explore space (Rather nerdy) I'd pursue that over a relationship.

  • Love of my life, as long as we have enough money to live without the constant worry of going broke and I can splurge on her every now and again I'm a happy man.

  • Wow.. that is a tough one. I would say the person you love. Eventually you can always find another job.

    And there are those who think the opposite, however, its a gamble either way.

  • At this point in time I would choose career because I haven't met anyone that I consider to be wife material. Were I in a long term relationship with someone I might try to get her to move with me if she were special enough, in otherwords if I wanted to marry her. Otherwise I would probably go with my career.

  • Career.

    I can find another love of my life, especially if I'm doing what makes me happy and earning a lot of cash.

    Staying with someone I love and having my career suffer, will mean she will dump me for someone more successful, and I'll be back to square one.

    That's what girls are like, whether they admit it or not. They want a successful guy.

  • Love of my life.

    There will always be jobs available that pay enough for me to live comfortably.

    But there is a very limited amount of girls that I could fall in love with and stay happily in love with for the rest of my life.

What Girls Said 6

  • Always love, because you can get new jobs

  • If the love of your life is meant for you, loves you equally and worth it, shouldn't they understand how much that career means to you and maybe consider going with you?

    If the "love of my life" was in that position of loving his career THAT much I'd go with him...

  • I'd hope that the love of my life would just move with me

  • It would be a hard decision. I know that people are going to say career now, but once you meet someone you really love you'd do anything for them. I would probably choose the person I love. My parents went through this, my mom was going to move to New York like her modeling agency wanted to she could become famous or whatever but she didn't want to leave my dad. I guess everything will play out how it's supposed to! :)

  • Career. I'd just take him with me. He can be a lawyer anywhere. I can only be a criminal analyst in certain places.

  • Who is the idiot who downvoted all the answers saying they'd choose love over career?

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