Feeling a little emotionally overwhelmed/drained, what to do?

The past couple weeks have been a little insane, between family stuff, a bf's breakdown, worrying about him while he was sick, feeling separated from someone who's suppose to be a best friend, my own emotional break down and a couple other things. Now tonight my boyfriend wasn't feeling good because he hadn't gotten much sleep and had indulged in too much caffeine that simply left him feeling like crap with no good side effects. I wanted to feel bad/be able to say something, but there was nothing, instead I nearly snapped at him a couple times. But right now I'm feeling nothing but anxiety and in desperate need of some serious head space, and I don't know how to say this as part of me needs to vent but at the same time, other than him, I have no one else to talk to and I don't want to bother him as I don't entirely know what to so, especially if he's tired and not feeling that great. What can I do, need some kind of advice?


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  • Have some faith that it's in god's hands.

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      I know it is and I trust Him, but like I said it's just been an insane past couple of weeks. Thank you though. :)

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      Well, sometimes I exercise really hard in the evening, like run and run then have some tea and force myself to get some sleep.

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      You can take a break away from helping others sometimes. It's okay to go out for a nice lunch by yourself, take a walk.