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Feeling a little emotionally overwhelmed/drained, what to do?

The past couple weeks have been a little insane, between family stuff, a bf's breakdown, worrying about him while he was sick, feeling separated from... Show More

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  • Have some faith that it's in god's hands.

    • I know it is and I trust Him, but like I said it's just been an insane past couple of weeks. Thank you though. :)

    • Well, sometimes I exercise really hard in the evening, like run and run then have some tea and force myself to get some sleep.

    • You can take a break away from helping others sometimes. It's okay to go out for a nice lunch by yourself, take a walk.

What Guys Said 2

  • go watch a movie or go run laps around your house until your tired cause if your mind dosen't rest you never will :)

  • anti depressants and counseling should help

What Girls Said 3

  • Sounds like you need a holiday and a break away from all of this. However, if that isn't possible then confide in someone you trust like a close friend who is good at listening. As another person has suggested, counselling might also help if you don't have a friend that would be willing to listen to your frustrations.

  • have faith in god and just make the best out of it. look at the overall picture and look forward to your future. when you clear things on your mind and plan on what you expect for the future it helps calm the nerves.

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